Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Babies and Barns and Businesses.

This week has been crazy already.
And it's only Wednesday. (It is Wednesday, right??)


We are slammed with Mother's Day jewelry orders for The Rusted Chain.

I've exchanged emails with several different celebrities this week.
Exciting and scary and awkward.

I've been featured in three different newspapers this week. Here is a link to one of them.
Also, exciting and scary and awkward.

This weekend we have another Barn Sale.

If you're in the area, we'd love to meet you! Come shop!
See the Facebook Page for details and directions.

And I'm still booking photo sessions for summer.
This is Baby Sterling that I got to shoot recently.
She was so chubby (look at that baby cleavage! love it) and pink and squishy and yummy and sweet.

If you're interested in photos, just email me for details.

Is it nap time yet?


kraftykash said...

So proud of you! You are inspiring!

Holly said...

I wish there would be a barn sale close to my house!

Sarah-Anne said...

yes it's wed. and yes i'm in denial that it's wed. thanks for asking. ;)

Sara said...

I have never wanted to live in another state. Until now...
I wish I could come to your Barn Sale.

PrincessMommyPants said...

Oh wow, these are fantastic!! I wish I could go too :p

Non-Stop Mom said...

I'll be there on Saturday - after the CF walk I have to take my older 3 up to Moundridge and then I'm coming by. One of these days I'll actually get to set up and sell some of my stuff at one of your sales! :)

Love the pictures, as usual!

Jennifer said...

Cute pictures!
Looking forward to Saturday
Mother's Day weekend - I told my husband this is what I wanted to do - Hesston Barn Sale

Danielle said...

Adorable pics! I'm so looking forward to Saturday. (by the way, my Abi calls that "boobie crack" instead of cleavage) :)

Mindy Harris said...

don't be scared by celebs cuz you ARE ONE. sterling is quite a beauty.
oh my it makes me want more kids...
happy mother's day!

Jamielyn said...

I just stumbled upon your blog and it is so inspiring. Beautiful pictures!! Those kids are adorable!!

I ♥ Nap Time

Victoria said...

These are stunning!