Monday, May 02, 2011


Do you remember when I told you that Candace Cameron Bure (a.k.a. DJ Tanner) is my BFF? She didn't know it, but I did. (click here to see her wearing our jewelry.)

And then I went to meet her and missed her by 4 minutes? So I went shopping and ate cheesecake instead. You can read about that here.

Well over the weekend, it was girl time and I went to meet her.
She was speaking to about 3500 women in Missouri, where I'm from.

I knew she'd be good, but I didn't know she'd be great!
She killed it. Her voice is so soft and sweet, but carries the most powerful words you can imagine.
What an amazing time!!
My favorite (only) sister went with me. And she kept saying, "Can I just put her in my pocket and keep her? She's so adorable!!"
And Candace is. Completely. Stinking. Adorable.

I was also super excited to meet Mandy. Do you know of Mandy Young?
You should. When you're done with this, click here to read her website.
She's a ball of sunshine wrapped up in a 5'2" blonde package.
And amazingly inspiring.
And has only one leg. Go read about her to find out why.
If my sister would've put Candace in her pocket to take home, I'd have put Mandy in my pocket to take home.

Unfortunately we weren't allowed to take photos with Candace. (we could take them of her but not with her.)
But we did wait in line to meet her and get an autograph.
When it was finally our turn and she learned who I was, she jumped out of her chair, gave me a huge hug and said, "My BFF!! I'm so happy to finally meet you!!!"
No, seriously. She did.

We chatted for a minute but I cut it short because:
1. I was crazy nervous.
2. There were still lots of people in line and I wanted to be respectful to them.
3. I didn't want her to figure out what a dork I really am.
4. I was crazy nervous.

If you get the chance to hear her speak, do it. It was such a great time.
And if you get to see her, think of me - her BFF.

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Sherry said...

I'm so glad you finally got to meet your BFF and that you got to meet Mandy. Sounds like it was an incredible experience!

Unknown said...

aw, how amazing is this? She is so darling...I am glad you were able to 'talk' to her while she signed her autograph!

Lori Allberry said...

Wow Beki!

Congrats on meeting your BFF! She is absolutely stinkin adorable!!! :o)

Before I knew that was her standing in the front row - I thought, 'wow look at that chick with the ADORABLE outfit, the white skinny jeans, the awesome shoes - the INCREDIBLY flat stomach!'

I'll abrev (abbreviate) for you like the High School kids 'So soop cool'


Sarah said...

So glad you finally got to meet her.

Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

So glad you and your BFF were able to have some quality time together. =D

Linda said...

That was such a cute post! I love her too...and have ever since she was D.J.

I just saw her on a cute movie...and told my husband that she is one of my favorite actresses.

I am glad you got to meet her and that you enjoyed her talk.

Have a good week.

Linda @ Truthfuil Tidbits

Ingrid said...

Cute story :)

Courtney (Women Living Well) said...

Oh I LOVE this!!! GREAT pics and sweet story! I so respect Candace for her bold testimony too!!!

So glad you got to meet her!

Amy said...

Um... awesome! I love her. For real. So glad you got to meet her!

Suzanne said...

The rally was awesome, wasn't it? That's my home church!!!!

Chad and Jody said...

Sounds like a fantastic time. What a fun way to spend time with your fav sister! I always thought it was cool that Candace's sister's (on the show) real name is/was Jodie.

Elle Jay Bee said...

Yay!!!! So happy for you!
She is gorgeous...sounds like an amazing time. So glad you actually caught up with her this time!


Nezzy (Cow Patty Surprise) said...

Isn't it just wonderful when your dreams really do come true. I'm just thrilled ya got to meet Candace, one should really meet their best friend in their lifetime!

God bless and enjoy your week sweetie!!!

Jamie said...

Awesome!! You are a rockstar - for real.

rentz said...


Mindy Harris said...

awww that looks like a blast. you and your sister are just beautiful. what sweet memories.
candace is CUTE!

Katie said...

That's a great story. I'm following her on twitter now, because of you and she always makes me smile. I can only imagine how great she would be in person!

Katie said...

Well you have a fabulous BFF! I am following her on Twitter now thanks to your comments, and she always makes me smile. She seems very down to earth and I'm sure she was a great speaker!