Saturday, May 21, 2011

Pig Steak.

This week The Baby has been so funny.

A few of the things he's said to me:
"Mom, we need to plant some jell-o in our garden!"

"Sunshine and water makes my hair grow really long."

"Hey mom! I went fishing and caught 2 basset hounds!" (basset hounds = bass)

"Goodnight, and big balls." (Thank you Wipeout.)

And what we grilled for dinner, some people call pork ribs.
To The Baby, it's "pig steak."

Four is such a great age!

Be sure to check the blog every day next week for a super fun series!
I think you'll love it.


Unknown said...

Love the pig steak!

And yes, four year olds are sooo much fun. They certainly make me smile.

My four year old calls the garbage the gargabe -- and now our entire family pronounces it that way. He also decided he wants to be called Ka when his name is really Elijah. Go figure.



Jamie said...

Funny stuff!! The Wipeout version of goodnight made me snort!!

Wendy said...

Did you save any pig steak for me?

Holly said...

We are having "meat nuggets" for dinner. Really its meatloaf in meatball size but the kids decided to start calling them meat nuggets.

Sarah said...

I agree with him. I think sunshine makes hair grow;o) My girls love Wipeout too. Those pig steaks look delish. Happy Saturday. Can't wait for next week!

Cheryl said...

Looks yummy! I can almost smell it cooking. :) How fun that you cook over a fire. Can't wait to see what series you are starting this week. :)

Non-Stop Mom said...

Too cute! My youngest two would get along great with him - one is 5 and one will be 4 in a couple of weeks. They thought that it was so cool that I let them walk to the store in their pajamas tonight. (Or "kajamas" as the youngest one calls them.)

I should have crashed the pig steak party. Looks better than what we had. :P

Melinda said...

Very cute! I was wondering if there was truly a pig somewhere in this post. Thankfully not.

Looking forward to your series.


jonahbonah said...

I'm dying to know what this weeks series is about!!! Girl, spill! You can even call me. I'll keep quiet!

P.S. How do you handle ugly or need to keep their comments to themselves commenters? Just wondering.