Saturday, May 14, 2011


First, the other day crashed. If you have a blog hosted on it, you probably know this.
We lost almost 300 comments on the giveaway post below this one.
So if you entered early, you might need to do it again.

A few days ago we hit 100 degrees and had to turn on the air conditioner.
Tonight will be in the 30's and we'll need to turn on the heat.

This is the first weekend for as long as I can remember that we've had no plans.
Not a single thing on the schedule. And it is soooooo nice.
I'm recovering from a cold, but that gives me an excuse to take a nap.
It's cold outside and that gives me an excuse to have extra coffee.
The kids are playing nicely (for now), planning parties, playing dress up, and that gives me an excuse to play on the computer.
Last night's dishes are still in the sink, and I have no excuse for that.

This was the view from my office window a few nights ago.
The rainbow was so big I couldn't fit it all into an 18mm lens.
If you look in the bottom left, you can see a house. It's a good sized 2 story house.
Our God is so big.

****Random Saturday Question: When was the last time you had an ice cream cone?


Holly said...

Ok so I have not had an actual ice cream cone in a while but have you seen those new Magnum icecream bars? They are insanely good but our stores cant keep them stocked so when we find them we buy like 3 boxes! Crazyness!

Julie said...

I haven't had an ice cream cone in a long time. I should remedy that!

Jessica said...

Lovely rainbow, we had a full bow rainbow here last month and it was so amazing, it felt like you could walk up into the hills and touch it!

The Blogger crashed was traumatic for me, although I didn't lose 300 comments ;)

Jessica said...

Oh an I had an ice cream cone two weeks ago! Yum!

Sarah (@SPeppel) said...

What a lovely rainbow. I've never seen one on so pink a sky.

Ice cream cone? Last summer?

Amanda said...

Ice-cream cone? Probably last summer.. I usually end up getting a mocha milkshake when we go for ice cream so it's been awhile... Beautiful rainbow!!!

amy said...

I don't usually get ice cream cones...but, it is on my summer bucket list! :)

Kristal said...

I had an ice cream cone today with awesome peanut butter custard! Yum!

Sweet rainbow!

Anonymous said...

No ice cream cone recently but I did have ice cream in a bowl last night with my mom's HOMEMADE hot fudge on it! YUM!

Oh, and I LOVE that rainbow! wow!

T@iy@ said...

Not since last summer, and I won't be getting one anytime soon, since I am on a diet (sort of) and I am saving my splurging calories for this summers bonfires and s'mores!

Southern Traditions Boutique said...

Oh yea, stinkin' blogger! I also have a giveaway up, not sure if I should restart it like you did Beki :)

Just had an icecream cone last week at the DQ, soft serve with the hard chocolate shell! YUMMY :)

A Family of Love said...

Awesome rainbow!

I shared an ice cream cone with my son on Thursday but I didn't get much because he doesn't really like to share! (He is 2 1/2 years old!)

PrincessMommyPants said...

The last time I did, I admit to rushing through it. I took my daughter after we went to the dentist to check out if she hurt teeth when she busted her mouth at school. Everything was fine and I was so ready to get home, I had them put them in cups (on the run). Now I wish I had taken time to sit :(

Cheryl said...

I cannot remember the last time I actually ordered an ice cream cone for just me. I always just "clean up" the sides of my kids. That way I don't get any calories. :)
Beautiful rainbow. :)

Unknown said...

love this random post. and the gorgeous sunset/rainbow. and i love ice cream but not in a cone as it leaves me thirsty. so....had ice cream yesterday and a cone some number of years ago like 13 maybe.

Katie Rosso said...

These pictures are absolutely gorgeous! You are a great photographer!

sherri lynn said...

The rainbow is beautiful!! Just found your blog and love it :) new follower!

Sharon said...

LOVE your photographs Beki! Gorgeous!
August 2010 last ice cream cone. Have lost 50 pounds since then :)

Pamela said...

I had one last week and I put sliced up bananas in it as well as a layer of hot fudge! YUMMO! :D
A little messy, but oh so good!!!

Anonymous said...

I cannot remember the last time I had an ice cream cone. Weird. Better remedy that! I noticed blogger was down. That's frustrating!

Non-Stop Mom said...

Isn't this weather insane? I also had to make the switch from a/c to heat. I'm so ready for it to just get hot and stay hot - makes it so much easier to plan!

The rainbow is gorgeous...I saw one the other day, but it ended over top of McDonald's so I opted to skip the photo op. ;)

Have a great day!

PrincessMommyPants said...

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Kelly said...

Beautiful Rainbow! Last time I has a cone hmmm I am not sure. Probably last summer.

The Boccias said...

I never have liked ice cream cones. Ice cream in a dish? Yes, please!