Saturday, June 18, 2011


We have wild sunflowers that grow all around us.
The Baby always brings in bouquets of them for me.
And occasionally I go pick them by myself.

The great big sunflowers aren't ready yet, but these wild ones are a sweet substitution!

Pop them in a vintage glass bottle and call it done.

I hope you have a happy sunny weekend full of vibrant color!

Do you have any live flowers in your house right now?


Non-Stop Mom said...

I love love LOVE sunflowers - the big ones and the little ones! I miss living out in the country, surrounded by fields of them. Those huge fields are still breathtaking!

No live ones inside the house - I don't have much luck with them. But the neighbor's tiger lilies are starting to bloom (they're in between our houses) and while they're not my favorite flower, they are adding a nice little splash of color!

It is beautiful out right now - might have to take the boys and walk to the library. I heard it could get ugly later this afternoon again.

Have a great one!


jacjewelry said...

Happy Yellow! Yes we do! I usually always have a vase of live flowers on the dining table. Right now it's a big bouquet of poppy-looking flowers in red, pink and purple... they're not poppies but I have no idea what they are. :)

Amanda said...

We have a peony on my windowsill right now.. It is in a vase that my 14 year old made!! :) My Little Man loves to pick me flowers, or weeds!! :)

Sarah-Anne said...


Paula said...

We don't, but I've been thinking that I'll cut some of the snap dragons outside the door and put them in a little vase :)

Your flowers are lovely!

Jennifer {Studio JRU} said...

So pretty! We have peonies, roses, daisies and still have an iris! :) Love fresh flowers in the house!

Danielle said...

So pretty! You really made me smile.