Monday, June 20, 2011

We're not in Kansas anymore...

Actually we are now. But we weren't.
We spent the last week at our cabin in Colorado.
It's always... interesting.

It's not a luxury stay. It's rustic and rugged and similar to what I would think camping is like... if I camped.
It's dirty. Water is limited.
But the scenery and relaxation can't be beat.

(clockwise from left: 1. red pinecones. never seen those! 2. bear markings 3. The Boy 4. Welcome 5. handmade crochet)

Our cabin is about 10 miles from Pike's Peak.
We do lots of hiking and fishing and grilling hot dogs and making s'mores and singing Cumbaya around the campfire. (all those are true except the last one.)

(1. The Man and kids on a rock. 2. Lilo found a beaver hole 3. The Baby 4. Sun 5. The Boy and The Girl.)

(The Baby packed a backpack for a hike... a Dr. Seuss backpack with fruit snacks and water bottles.)

Pike's Peak. Or Peak Mountain. Or Hike's Peak. Or Mountain Pike. Or High Peak Moutain. The Baby never quite did get it right. But we went up. (1. Train 2. The Boy scared looking over the edge 3. The Man and kids 4. The Kids 5. Huge snow bank 6. stepping in a lake.)

(1. we paid $37 for a sucker at the top of the mountain 2. pretty trees 3. too much snow to read the sign 4. Pikes Peak or Bust 5. Shadow shot. I'm not sure why I look like the Michelin Man. I really do have a waist. Dang sweatshirt.)

There are bears and mountain lions, huge wood ants, and plenty of birds.
This trip we didn't see a bear. (a few years ago I came face to face with one!)
Our cabin neighbor said he saw one roaming around our place 2 days before we arrived though.

(1. dogs and mallows 2. messy mallow 3. more dogs 4. dinner time 5. Reese's S'more)

Santa's Workshop at the North Pole. It's a tradition. (1. slide 2. told you I have a waist! I'm quite tall and thin. And I lie. 3. The Baby and grandpa on a car 4. The Boy and The Baby driving 5. The Girl driving)

(1. Llama 2. some child with long bird legs and The Baby 3. Me and The Baby on a big swing)

(1. rocket 2. merry go round 3. This magician said "Kids, would you like to stroke my magic bunny?" ... and The Man and I laughed like 12 year olds for the next 5 hours. 4. teacups 5. Meeting with Santa)

We generally go to the cabin every year but last year Martha Stewart came calling so we went to see her instead.

Every year until this one, we've had no access to the outside world while at the cabin.
No computer. No cell phones. Nothing. We're real mountain people!
But this year it was impossible for me to be away from The Rusted Chain for that long so I took a laptop.
I tried to only check in a few times a day.
Instead of playing on the internet, I read. Lots and lots of magazines. (I'm deep and intellectual.) Then read them again.
Then read them a third and fourth time.
Then took a nap. And another.
The went on twitter and exclaimed that I was bored. Then I went on Facebook and said, "entertain me."
I've always heard and believed that "bored people are boring." But in this case I disagree.
In this fast crazy busy high tech always connected world we live in, there's something really amazing about becoming bored.
Not a thing in the world to do other than sit on the porch, go for another hike, listen to silence, watch for more wildlife, read, and nap.
I really wish each of you could experience this type of boredom once a year or so.

Manitou Springs (1. No Shoes No Shirt No service. Bras optional. Ha! 2. cute pink bike 3. pretty pottery 4. artisan bench 5. park bird art 6. Patsy's - a classic 7. beads - decisions, decisions, 8. tasting the spring water)

2 adults, 3 kids, 2 dogs, 1 car, 9 hours... fun times!

Such pretty scenery!

Whew. That's a lot of photos. And a lot of vacation. And a lot of memories.
It was a great time! But I'm glad to be home.

Back to work I go!

Did you have a good weekend?


Rustown Mom said...

This post made me smile and want to cry at the same time...I think I need a vacay exactly like that! Sigh.

Vicki said...

My kind of vacation...surrounded by nature with nothing else to do! Looks like a great time for all! Great photos...thanks for taking us along!

Lisa Holman of XSBaggage and Co. said...

Such fun and beautiful photos! You're creating wonderful memories for your kids.
I had a super weekend! (I got engaged to my best friend, life is great!)

Holly said...

its beautiful!

Danielle said...

Glad you're home! Fun pics.

Beki - TheRustedChain said...

Lisa!! Congratulations!!!!

Amy said...

* I want to hear more about the $37 sucker.
* How did you get internet access at the cabin?
* I saw a sign somewhere awhile back (FB, maybe?) that said something like "As much as we'd like to see you naked, the health dept. says you have to wear a shirt and shoes to come in here." Something like that. It was funny.
* Welcome home! (probably should have led with that, huh?)
* When are we doing Applebeees again?

Beki - TheRustedChain said...

Amy - 1. $37 is an exaggeration. But it was still expensive.

2. Took a laptop and we have a WiFi card.

3. That's funny!

4. Thanks!

5. This weekend?

Mrs. S. said...

Well, CLEARLY you had an awful time! =) Thank you for sharing pictures. I really enjoy your blog.

Simply Created by Cole said...

What a fun time! I love Manitou!! I've never been to the top of Pikes Peak, but we have been to Santa's Workshop. Our family is planning a trip to the mountains in NM. Glad you had a fun time!!

merlin said...

Back to wanting your life! The life you lived while at your cabin, no tree-climbing snakes, right?
I'll take a bear, just no tree climbing slitherers.
Maybe you could use a week at your cabin for a fund raiser....maybe?

Lori Allberry said...

I am so jealous! I love Colorado, and have not been for a few months now - that is much to big of a hiatus for myself!
Thank You for sharing your trip!
I loved hearing about it and seeing it! :o)


Sarah @ This Farm Family's Life said...


Amanda said...

Oh my that looks and sounds so nice!! Right up my family's alley.. Do you rent out your cabin? ;) It is kinda silly how we are w/ our technology.. We have been watching old "Leave it to Beaver" episodes and I was just thinking how all they did was read. :) no internet to check the weather or anything! Tho I love to read myself! :)

jonahbonah said...

Next time, pack me in your suitcase!

rentz said...

I want to be bored. Forgot what that feels like! Looks like a great getaway.

Erin said...

Reese's S'More is brilliant. Next campfire, we're stealing that one. yum.
We live in Colorado, and I'm glad you got to come and visit. The mountains are lovely, huh!