Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My day with Bill Cosby.

Yesterday The Man and I went to an event to hear some incredible people speak.

Lou Holtz

General Colin Powell

Steve Forbes

Terry Bradshaw

Bill Self

Rudy Guliani

and my favorite Bill Cosby.
I remember listening to Bill Cosby's stand up act on a record album many times when I was younger.
I could recite the entire bit. "Chocolate cake for breakfast!" "Was your head with you all day?? I don't knoooow."
Then I grew up watching the Cosby show. Even into my late teens I watched it in reruns.
And when I had babies, Little Bill was one of our favorites.
So I was very excited to see Bill Cosby.

I'd called a while back to see if I could take my camera in and I got a yes.
"Are you sure? It's a big digital camera. I don't want to get turned back at the door and have to hike all the way to my car."

"No ma'am, as long as it's not a video camera, you can take whatever kind of camera you want into the event." Okay then.

We made it in just fine. But then we broke for lunch. And after lunch that was some hubbub about me and my big ol' camera.
And they took it. Blah.
So I didn't get to take any pictures of Bill Cosby or many of the other speakers.
But they were still really good!
Bill Cosby wore a sweatshirt that said Hello Friend. And it made me smile.

Now, because I have mad google skills, I'd done a little research in advance and kind of knew what we were in for with this event.
I knew that there would be sales pitches sprinkled in with the big names.
But we were okay with that.

We still had a great time.
We walked away with some great ideas.
And it was a rare chance to hear some great people speak.
Next up on the cover of Steve Forbes' magazine? - Me. Ha!


Sarah-Anne said...

you got to see Lou Holtz?! so awesome!!

Deidra said...

What an opportunity to hear so many great people speak! Must have been inspiring.

Holly said...

how fun! Sorry they took your camera before you could get pics!

Danielle said...

So happy for you! What a fun event. I'll cheer you all the way to the cover, baby!

Laura V. said...

My husband went to that event when it was in Ohio in June and he came home raving about some of the speakers! Including Bill Cosby. We're huge Cosby fans here and hub said he was great!

I'm sorry they took your camera away :(

Tina said...

They came to Portland, OR, too...didn't get to go but looked good!

Marlene said...

Wow! Now this is just cool :) I, too, would have mourned the possibility of taking a picture of Bill Cosby with a sweatshirt that said "Hello Friend"! Awesome you got the folks in the first half of the event though!