Saturday, July 02, 2011


We have a creek that runs through our land so in addition to the normal country life adventures, we have extra critters that hang around.
We see lots of snakes, turtles, sasquatches and toads.
Lots and lots of toads.

The other day I was working in the flower garden and the dirt blinked at me.

Do you see it?

She wasn't happy with me.
She's looking at me like "I know what you did. I remember. Don't play innocent with me."

See, last year The Man and I were in the yard one night and as I was walking along I stepped on something.

It was squishy and felt like a water balloon.
It popped under my foot.
And I screamed like an Oprah audience member.

The Man said, "What happened?!!" I looked down at my splattered white leg and all I could say was "Toadsplat!!! I think I'm gonna throw up!! Toadsplat!!"

I don't think this one's going to forgive me.


T@iy@ said...

The thought of that makes me shudder! OCK!

Dixie said...

Oh, yeah! You're really a country girl now!

Lori Allberry said...

Ewwww ewwww ewwwww ewwwww ewwwww Beki! The feeling that runs through me, the shudders I get when I hit a frog with my car - I can not even IMAGINE stepping on one!!!! :o(
Love the pictures, though!


Amy said...

You are totally turning me off to this whole "country girl" idea. You realize that, don't you?? My husband will not be happy.

Elizabeth @ My Life, Such as it is... said...

My sister once stepped on and squished a snail in her bare feet. She was bleaching her foot for about 30 minutes if I remember correctly. The screaming was a good 10-15 minutes. I didn't quit laughing for at least an hour. I giggle even now remembering it.

Julie said...

Gross! BUt, what's a sasquatch? Isn't that what people call Bigfoot? Does Bigfoot live at your creek???

Amanda said...

Oh yucky!!!!

flower power momma said...

I understand. This is why I don't leave my shoes outside. Growing up on the farm, we learned the garden shoes became homes for the wild-life. bleh!!!

Sarah-Anne said...

i've been traumatized by a toad too!! i was just riding my bike one day and saw this HUGE toad coming for me. and it was scary. nasty little things. ;)

Ruth said...

eurghhhh... country girl, your critter posts always freak me out! and i too thought sasquatches were fictional?!! what do i know, i only see cantaloupes in supermarkets ;)
happy sunday beki!

Jennifer said...

That would of been worse than stepping barefoot on a fresh cow patty!

Upscale Downhome said...

That's horrible. I feel bad for you but really bad for the frog!

Shannon Chomanczuk said...

Bahahaha, I am sorry I cannot stop giggling. I am however glad it wasn't me that stepped on a toad. I love them so I would have felt so bad.
Have a great 4th!