Tuesday, August 16, 2011

It's here.

The first day of school.

We have an end-of-summer-tradition of getting ice cream the day before school starts.
So yesterday we went out and got our yummies!

I will take salty carbs over sweets any old time.

But I did have ice cream too... Moooo.

Our local ice cream shop is super cute, styled like a '50s diner.

The kids are super excited about this school year!
Last year Lilo jumped on the bus with them.
This year she didn't. Sully got scared of the big yellow bus and ran away wimpering.

We think we have some great teachers this year.
I always have plans to help out in the classroom, and yeah.... that doesn't always happen.
We'll see if it happens this time.

We're back to a schedule with early mornings, hot coffee, and lots of golden yellow sun.
I'm excited! Now I'm ready for Fall.


Ruth said...

holla for the salty carbs!!
beautiful light in those pictures... maybe mornings aren't so bad. maybe!

Non-Stop Mom said...

Love love love!

4 out of my 5 start tomorrow - I don't get to see the older 3 go because they'll be with their father, but they come home to me after their first day, so I'm ok with it.

Alex starts kindergarten tomorrow and Daniel starts preschool on Monday. *sigh* They grow up so fast.


Sarah-Anne said...

i feel like school needs to automatically bring Fall with it because DUDE...having to stay inside when it still feels like summer is torture! ;)

deborah said...

beautiful photos! my house is getting quieter, too. Well, until 3:30. xo deborah

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Hello Sweet Friend...
What a beautiful post. Love the picture of your two babies together. Does that say LOVE? Absolutely priceess.

That ice cream looks yummy and what a wonderful tradition to have with you and the kids. I also think I would like one of those basket of fries. Do they ever look yummy?

Thanks for sharing this special day. So happy that the two are off to a great start. Can't wait to hear about their day. I know a post will be coming.

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rachelcb80 said...

Just started following your blog (and trying to decide on what to order from your store!). Love it here already! Wonderful pictures, the first few have me wanting to raid the freezer right now! I'm delaying the "real" school experience for one more year by homeschooling. Next year two out of my three will be off to school though!

Chad and Jody said...

I like how your school does half days. That would be nice for kids AND teachers. That yellow sun shining makes me happy in your pictures.

kendal said...

i'm reading everyone's blogs about sending their kids off to school, and i am receiving them! had my first day today and loved it. i've got 7th grade - do i detect a middle-schooler in your photos?

Beki - TheRustedChain said...

Good eyes, Kendal! Yep, she's a 6th grader, which is middle school here.

Elizabeth @ My Life, Such as it is... said...

Charlie starts 1st grade on Monday. He's so excited to be going back to school!

rentz said...

Hope the first day was great! I was in your neck-of-the woods today.

Danielle said...

I volunteer a lot in the classrooms too. Don't verify this with any of our teachers :)

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Laura said...


I want her to come over and play with Belle

I miss you...
hope this is a great new year ahead for all of you!!!!!


Anonymous said...