Saturday, August 27, 2011

Makes me wanna take the back roads...

There's a country song out right now that says that.
"Makes me want to take the back roads. Makes me want to take the long way home.
Put a little gravel in my travel..."

I think of it every time I'm driving to my home out in the boonies.

On our trips to Missouri, we take some back roads too.
And one of them is the old Route 66.

While I love seeing rustic places, there's something melancholy about it as well.

It makes me wonder what used to be there.
What types of people walked through those doors.
How many laughs were shared there.
Why did someone finally decide it wasn't worth keeping it up anymore?

Have you ever seen the movie Cars? It reminds me of Radiator Springs.

If you haven't taken any back roads in a while, I suggest it.
You never know what you'll find!
You might see pretty scenery. You might find interesting people.
You might find a little diner. You might find a great little mom and pop shop to support.


Vicki said...

Back roads are always the best. I know what you mean about the melancholy though. Traveling through the southern part of Georgia can be down right depressing...but you're right, you never know what you might find and it's always interesting.

jonahbonah said...

You're so right! When we first moved here my hubs stumbled upon a little town he marked in the GPS as "Podunk". Turns out it's a little town full of charm!!! And there's an Amish market on the way there!!!

I've traveled a few back roads since living in KY/TN and have found pretty cool things. I hope to be able to travel these roads with my camera sometime soon...especially now that I've seen your pics. Inspiring!

Cindy said...

Sounds like a lovely little place out of the way...and I agree. Abandoned buildings or any place is makes you really think about the time spent there. Good does come out it sometimes though so that's always something to remember. :)

This Farm Family';s Life said...

Great post and I love that song!

Anonymous said...

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Sarah-Anne said...

oh yes, I love me some backroads. sure, there's sharp curves, crazy drivers, and DEER, but it's since to slow down & take in the scenery!