Wednesday, August 24, 2011

There. I said it.

I love frozen burritos. There, I said it.

And I like them dipped in ketchup. There, I said it.

I have jowls. There, I said it.

I'm a complete magazine junkie. There, I said it.

I wish I had more time for decorating my house. There, I said it.

I'm way too hard on myself. There, I said it.

People who wake at 5:00am on purpose and say things like "I can sleep when I'm dead!" are clearly messed up in the head. There, I said it.

I don't think I'll ever be a runner. And I'm good with that. There, I said it.

Even at 34 years old, if someone's mean to me I cry. There, I said it.

Cilantro should be removed from the face of the earth. There, I said it.

If Old Navy ever stops making the Sweetheart cut jeans, I'm living in yoga pants for the rest of my life. There, I said it.

I love living in the country. There, I said it.

When I stop, take a look around, and realize how blessed I am, I cry. There, I said it.

Just a few things I needed to get out.
This is like a group therapy session.
You're next.


Amy said...

I may have to steal this idea. Applebees soon? Group therapy is way more fun with snacks and drinks. :) (and real life friends!)

Laurie Skillern said...

Amen sister! And I totally agree with the cilantro

Non-Stop Mom said...

Love it! I might have to steal it too!

Right now, I'm hating strawberries, but maybe that's because I still have about 50 pounds of them to deal with. *sigh*

Beautiful picture...


kendal said...

oh, thanks for making me smile! at 6:07 - and i only get up at five because i have to for work. 8 is much better! my car is always crumby - there i said it. i let dishes soak for days because i am lazy - there i said it. i edat nutella straight from the jar - there i said it. i love tv - there i said it.

Chad and Jody said...

You had me at frozen burritos. and lost me with the ketchup.

jonahbonah said...

It's 7:03 and I'm still in bed. I'm not an early riser...or a night owl. I like my sleep! There, I said it!

Gina said...

I love ketchup and burritos, too, but I must have cilantro for my pico de gallo. However, I'm not ashamed to say that dogs are not on my list of things to love. Sorry I said it!

This Farm Family's Life said...

Love this! I am going to do this on my blog.


people who talk badly about cilantro make my cry.

Actually, just about everything makes me cry.

Except the smell of coffee in the morning.

Wendy said...

Mmmmm... Frozen burritos...

Anonymous said...

oh no! I wake up at 4:30 am well because it's the only quiet of the day I get! Also I was just going to post yesterday how much I LOVE cilantro....

It's ok I forgive you :)

Hope you have a great day

Unknown said...

Lately I feel more bloated than normal. I may be lactose intolerant. I don't care. There, I said it.

I have this delicious cinnamon bread that I eat in morning with my coffee. They are approximately 8,375 calories each. They are worth it. There, I said it.

Obviously, I will never be a bikini model. I'm ok with that. There, I said it.

I love this post. There, I said it.

Wendy said...

Meanness makes me cry, too. There, I said it.
The magnitude of God's love and how blessed I am makes me cry, too. There, I said it.
I miss Kansas. There, I said it.
I love this post. There, I said it. :)

Maria-Isabel @ Agape Love Designs said...

great post. :) I love cilantro... idk why... maybe because I am mexican. LOL But I know a lot of people who hate it.. weird. ;)
I wake at 6.. just to get some quiet time to my self with out the hubs or my 3 kids buggin me! LOL Ive tried to wake at 5.. too hard!
And I totally still cry when someone is mean to me too... and even when someone is extra nice too!

rentz said...

Ok. You made me laugh...except for the cilantro part. Them might be fightin' words!

Anonymous said...

I gave everything up, everything, to legally immigrate to this great country. Everything that is, but my dream and faith that this is the best place in the world to live. There I said it.

I feel sad when I hear citizens speak poorly of immigrants. There I said it.

I ache for all that was lost, all that was familiar, all the dreams I gave up for "the big one". It is lonely feeling like an outsider. There I said it.

I am shocked by the apathy, the discouragement, the victimhood that I see Americans live with and I don't understand how this can be in a country this great. There I said it.

Truly, this is the greatest country in the world, the country that provides for the greatest opportunity, the place where dreams have no boundaries, I am so blessed and grateful to live here, to have earned the privilege and responsibility of citizenship. There I said it.

Fellow Ameicans, seize the dream, hold tight to what our Constitution guarantees us, don't let loose the glory of this great country, hold tight for yourself, for your children and theirs, and for the citizens of the world who still view America as the beacon of possibility and freedom. The world needs you, all of us and everything that this country represents. There I said it.

Alisha said...

I have 20 lbs to lose and I'm eating Chinese food RIGHT NOW. There, I said it.

I think cilantro is a gift of God and needs to have perfume line. There, I said it.

I love Kansas and my Flint Hills, but despise the sweltering heat it gives us. There, I said it.

I love your jewelry and think your blog rocks! There, I said it.

Hey, this is fun!

Ruth said...

from your jowly, salty-carb-loving, cilantro-hating sleep-lover on the other side of the pond - i adore you. there, i said it :)

also, i am quitting something cushty to leave my comfort zone in a big way, and i am SCURRRRED. there, i said that too. eek.

Anonymous said...



Melinda said...

Great post!!!
It is good to have a therapy session here and there.


heather said...

Love this list...and mean people, sweetheart jeans and runners really hit my life on the head too! :-)