Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Around here lately...

The other day I went out for a little walk around our place.
I could show you different rooms in the house.
But some of them still aren't decorated. We've only lived here a year... (ha.)
And I'd have to clean it.
So the better option was to show you bits and pieces of the outside.
This tree was completely uprooted by a storm recently.
A hole in the shape of Texas. Fortunately it's not the size of Texas.
Our bridge.
Do you know what these are? Hedge Apples. Some people call them Osage Apples.
I don't know that they're really good for anything. But they look like monster brains, which is pretty cool this time of year.
Locust trees are completely covered in thorns. Huge ones.
Heart. Or pig snout?

When I was walking way back in the woods I kept hoping someone wouldn't jump out and get me.
It's spooky back there!
The Man thinks I'm crazy but if you were an escaped convict, where would you go?
To the woods!! Exactly. I'm glad you all think like I do.
I'd totally go hang out and make camp back in the boonies somewhere.
And if some strang lady came walking up with a big camera, I'd jump out and grab her.

My imagination gets the best of me sometimes.
Hope you enjoyed the pretty rustic photos!


BeckyKay said...

We're bringing our son with us to the Barn Sale on Saturday. I'm sort of thinking he'll never want to leave once he spends a little time at your place. So many great places for a little guy to explore. :) You won't notice an extra one, will you? (He mostly eats corndogs and chicken nuggets.)

Lisa @ Life is Crazy Beautiful said...

Great those turquoise screens/windows/whatever! I vote pig snout :). You can tell we are "city" people. When my daughter was little she used to be fascinated with "the woods" from the books she read and nature/animal movies she watched. When we'd drive by a group of enough trees, she's ask "Mommy? Is that 'the woods'?"

Lisa @ Life is Crazy Beautiful said...

Oh, yeah, I'm hoping to hit the barn sale this time! The spring one didn't work out for us.

Sally @DrinkingFromMySaucer said...

OH my goodness. I love each and every one of these photos. Awesome. Good eye. Glad nobody grabbed you! =) Have a great Wednesday! ~Sally

Funky Junk Interiors said...

I love seeing your place and property through your eye!

That snout looks like an owl to me. :D


Ladybuggz said...

Great pix, Beki. I vote for pig snout, myself. And that tree must still have some roots with all that new growth.

Osage apples are known as horse apples around here, or just plain bois d'arc.


amy d said...

umm, i want those screens AND those old windows...maybe a little trade?
pig snout all the way! can't wait for saturday!!! YIPEE YO!

Erin Burns said...

Gorgeous pictures!! Love them all. And I totally thought pig snout.

Anonymous said...

I'm gonna send the guys from American Pickers to your place...

The Brother

Ruth said...

ewww brain apples!!
i am wearing my 'dream big' necklace while preparing to give notice at work tomorrow for leaving at Christmas. India is calling and I'm terrified and excited all at once - this sweet necklace reminds me to think outside my self-created box to all the wonderful opportunities God has created for us to serve in. Thank you Beki :)

Sarah-Anne said...

i've wanted to the have a rustic photoshoot for some time now...looks like i found the place ;) scary escaped convicts woods, apple brains, and all.

Melanie said...

Those are Hedge balls and use put them in the house in corners basements - to get rid of spiders - they last about 2 to 3 months.

Sara said...

I saw an owl as pig snout or heart ;)

Danielle said...

Between you and Amy, I may have to move to the country someday. I grew up in the country and said I would never return. BUT, you make it seem pretty dog gone appealing :)

jonahbonah said...

I totally think the same way!!! You know how many times I've been back in the woods and found old bottles and such? Lots! Why? Cause crazy people put them there. And theyre waiting for an unsuspecting bunch of kids or a momma to walk up on them. Scary!!!

Laura said...


I remember walking into the woods with you!!! I was not afraid of being murdered, but your husband had me fearing the poison ivy!!!

nikki/WhiMSy love said...

My grocery store sells those hedge balls! They are so odd looking! I had never seen them before. So, after seeing your picture of them in a natural environment, it's good to know they weren't harvested from an alien planet. Love the photogs.

Emily Boyd said...

Lovely photos!
The woods can be really scary! I can't stand going into the woods alone. :)

Heather said...

People sell hedge apples on ebay, advertising them as insect repellent. I have never tried it. But, they have been selling for years.

Chessa @ Antsi-Pants said...

I'm one of your newest followers. Love those pictures! Cool stuff outside your home. I found some of those "brains" recently too. I was wondering what they'd look like all dried out. Maybe bake them at a low temp...