Saturday, September 24, 2011

Fly butter... Flutter by...

I've mentioned before that I have a thing for butterflies.
Love them.
My bedroom was decorated in butterflies when I was a little girl.
It's why I drew this butterfly and had it made into a metal stamp.
So I've been very happy lately to see thousands of Monarch butterflies migrating through our yard!


There were days when entire trees were bright fluttering orange.
And I kept thinking I needed to go take some photos.
But then I'd get busy and put it off.


And by the time I finally went out to do it, there were only a handful left.
But you know what?
Monarch butterflies hibernate in the same trees every single year.
So they'll be back next year!


***Do you have plans for this weekend? We're just soaking up the weather, doing yard work and relaxing.

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Cherie said...

What an amazing gift to experience each year! I only get to see one or two at a time in my garden, and always wish there were more!

KayzKreationz said...

Beautiful butterfly pictures. I have a plant in my yard called Gregg's Mist Flower, lovely little blue flower that the Monarch's just love. When it's blooming, I'll have 40-50 butterflies all over it. Only drawback for some people is that it spreads like crazy, hard to contain to one area. But I don't mind, because of all the butterflies it attracts.
Pretty little butterfly stamped pendant, too.

jonahbonah said...

Beautiful pics!!!

So sad I didn't win...maybe next time. ;0)

Unknown said...

Ahhh, lovely! I LOVE butterflies!!

Toni :O) said...

That is stunning! Love butterflies, would make for a great Friday imprint photo that you do each week! I heart your blog, just so sweet! What am I doing?? About to take a nap with my sweetie and my doggie! :0)

Anonymous said...



kendal said...

gorgeous! this weekend? i ahve NOWHERE to go today. NOTHING to do away from home. this is crazy unusual. and awesome!

Chad and Jody said...

The butterflies are so pretty! I don't know much about butterflies. Didn't know they hibernate! Learned something new today...

Unknown said...

Wow, what beautiful pics! The colors are so pretty.

nikki/WhiMSy love said...

Oh, you are so lucky!!! How beautiful they are. I think I'd just sit & stare at them & get nothing done.