Tuesday, October 04, 2011


Yes it's barely Fall.
But the winter holidays are sneaking up quickly!
And that means a fabulous issue of Holiday with Matthew Mead is just around the corner.

This year they're doing two issues of HOLIDAY 2011. Both will be amazing but one will be a keepsake edition.
The keepsake issue is BIG: it is an expanded issue, with additional pages of beautiful holiday ideas, recipes, and projects, and it arrives directly to your mailbox before the newsstand edition is available.
You can order the keepsake edition by clicking here.

Be sure to head over to the holiday website Holiday With Matthew Mead for their launch week of contests which will feature cash prizes, home accessories from Matthew’s new home d├ęcor collection, and free copies of his books and magazines.

I don't get paid for telling you this. I'm just a big fan of Matthew and his team.
They've always been big supporters of mine and The Rusted Chain, so I am happy to share the love about his new magazine!
The ones from previous years have been ah-ma-zing.

Ho Ho Ho and Happy Fall Y'all!

****When do you start your holiday crafting, baking, card planning, etc.?


Holly said...

I heart Matthew Mead. I like to keep the fall decor up as long as possIble!

Laura said...

I just finished the last of my Christmas shopping! Everything is all wrapped, and the baking is all done too! Tomorrow night I will cook the Christmas dinner, and decorate the tree.

Merry Christmas!

This Farm Family's Life said...

Okay I wish I was as on top of things as Laura, but I do like to start my shopping the first of October and I will start decorating right after Thanksgiving. It would be before, but the hubs is against that.

Sarah-Anne said...

oh my goodness i can't even THINK about Christmas yet, LOL!

Gretchen said...

Love to pore over Christmas books and magazines. Usually, that doesn't translate into much except feeling a little guilty about not getting a beautifully made something completed. But you know what? I'm a glutton for punishment, and I already have the holiday itch. Goal: making Advent calendars for my kids.

Mary Kay Rott said...

Candy corn