Thursday, November 10, 2011

Love it. {Krafty Kash}

I frequently get asked to review or promote products on my blog.
And it's always weird. I want to. But I always worry about how it will be perceived.
I don't want it to seem fake and forced.

Between now and Christmas I'm going to be telling you about some products I love, that just might make good gifts... not because I have to, but just because I want to!

The first one is Krafty Kash.
Kashoan is a Midwestern lady who makes cute things, and has a family full of people whose first names start with K. Kool, huh? (Ha.)

A while back I purchased a necklace from her just because it was calling my name.
It's made from a vintage dictionary page, and she can find just about any word you'd like!

I love that it's long at 24". I wear it layered with my own stamped jewelry, or a string of fun colorful beads.

I added the pearl myself. Just because I love them. And it goes so well with the vintage brass color of the necklace.

You could pick a word that's meaningful to you, a scripture, or even your state!

You can also enter code rustedchain for 20% off! Click here to shop.

Which one would you get?

*KraftyKash did not pay me or sponsor this post in any way.


Cerrisse said...

What a darling necklace!

Janet K said...

I love this! Thanks for sharing..

LeAnna said...

What a cute gift idea! Thanks for passing it along!

Kelley said...

ohhh i likey. especially with your pearl on it :)

Sky said...

How adorable! Looks like a good place to get Christmas presents :-)