Saturday, November 05, 2011

Photos, Christmas, a winner, and stuff...

I'm about done with photo sessions for the year.
I think.
Today I'm shooting a wedding.
Tomorrow I'm shooting a couple.

And then that's it for photos this year. Probably.
Here are a few I've done recently.
(none of them are resized for the blog so they tend to look pixelated here.)

This family drove all the way from Oklahoma just to have me do their photos. Wow!

This one makes me laugh.

This was the "D" family and they were so nice!!
These were the best behaved kids I've ever seen. Polite, funny, sweet...

The winner of the recent giveaway is Vanessa. Congrats Vanessa!! Please email therustedchaininfo AT yahoo to claim your prize.

The other day Lilo walked right up to a the backside of a skunk and got sprayed.
So instead of smelling like a stinky basset hound, she smells like a stinky skunky basset hound.

I know it's barely November. I get it. I hear ya. I'm a huge fan of Thanksgiving.
But for those of you who are on the ball and already preparing for Christmas, we have our new ornament out!

Each year our ornaments have been a huge hit. This year we went a totally different route and did a very rustic design.

And look at the cute ribbons you can pick from!

Click here to shop.

Sometimes I think I'm crazy. I tend to take on too much.
And when I get flustered and start whining about it, The Man always just says, "Sounds like life to me."
I know.

I'm thinking a relaxing day or weekend sounds reeeeeeally good right about now.
Maybe in January I'll get one.

If you could get away for the weekend to relax, where would you go? What would you do?


Blue Eyed Night Owl said...

You have a lovely family! And the ornaments look great:)

Unknown said...

is there still time for you to shoot us? we really need family pictures taken!!!

Anonymous said...

ok, that dark-haired baby is the cutest!!!!! Reminds me of my boys when they were babies!
Is it for sale in your shop...ha! ha!
Mrs. B.

Leslie said...

I would go somewhere WARM with zero wind! And I would sit by the water and read and drink diet dr. pepper and eat pistachios.

Toni :O) said...

Totally 7 Mile Beach in Grand Caymen with a great book and a Dr. Pepper (so my fav, Diet and Regular with Cherry and now 10!) listening to the waves with my hubby of 18.5 years-yes that would be bliss indeed! Sorry about your doggie-THAT is my biggest fear with my dog! Thank goodness it wont be so dark at 6:30 am when I walk her due to the time change! Great photos, have a blessed weekend!

rentz said...

Saw you taking pics at the wedding today. Wanted to stop and say hi. looked a little busy! :) And I love the "D" family. They really are great! And that baby is adorable! Oh, and I have too many places I would love to get away to. I'll spare you the list. This comment is already long enough!

HeARTworks said...

My whole family (siblings, parents, kids)usually go to my sister's beach house. The husbands and kids go swimming, fishing and kayaking, etc. leaving the women to do some crafting inside the house! Everyone is happy!
Your pictures are great! Patsy from

Vanessa {Bloom Right Here!} said...

Oh my goodness! I just saw that I won your give away. So excited! Thank you! I'll shoot you an email.