Saturday, November 19, 2011

Pretty people...

It seemed to take a long time for our trees to turn pretty this year.
But they finally did just recently and everything has been so pretty!
So it was fun to plop pretty people in our pretty yard and take pretty pictures of them.
I didn't know the D family before the photo shoot and I think those are my favorite kind... just word of mouth from other clients, or people who've found me through my blog or facebook page.

When they showed up they were all so nice!! And so... pretty!



Such a classic boy... He couldn't wait to get on this log across the creek.


Pretty pretty pretty.

We're very busy with jewelry orders right now, but if you're local and we have a pretty day with pretty weather and you want pretty pictures of your pretty people, let me know...

Pretty things make me pretty happy.

p.s. I've been asked a lot about hosting another photography workshop. So I'm going to! It'll be in January. And it'll be free.
We'll just cover some photography basics, learn about ISO and aperture, and learn how to shoot in Manual!


merlin said...

Can you do the class so that somehow (skype? blog radio?) those of us, un-local, can learn too?
After 2yrs, I am still in a hate relationship with my taunts me, it humbles me, it laughs out loud at me! I need help, your help, pretty please.

Meg B. said...

My new camera and I would love for you to save us a spot :)

Melinda said...

These are wonderful pics. I am sure the D family loved them!


jonahbonah said...

this is random...I miss your ornament exchanges!

A Budde said...

How do we sign up for you photography class?