Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Sugar Ray

When we were at EPCOT last week (was that last week?! My days are running together!) we saw a sign that said Sugar Ray would be in concert that evening.

I thought, "Cool! I like Sugar Ray. Their music takes me back to the 90's... back when I watched Friends religiously, sported "The Rachel" hairdo, and was skinny even though I didn't know it..."

I also loved Mark McGrath on the recent Celebrity Apprentice. I was totally pulling for him to win. (I think that's the 5th time I've used the word "totally" today... I'm like totally a Kansas valley girl all of a sudden.)

So we went. We grabbed our seats about 30 minutes before it was to start.
And at the last second I looked at The Man and said, "Wait! What if Mark McGrath isn't the lead singer anymore? If it's Sugar Ray with a bunch of new members, I'm going to Test Track."

And then they came out. And it was really him.

He showed off his mad cowbell skills.

It was insanely humid. And then it started raining.
And Mark went out into the crowd in the rain. What a nice guy!

They were really good. Very energetic and kind, and seemed to be having a great time at Disney.

My kids loved it too. The big ones anyway. This is what The Baby thought of it...

It was very fun! Very peppy. Very family friendly, which we appreciated.

The following night was a band I'd never heard of. And then it was Hanson. mmmmBop.
I'm glad we were there on the right day.

Happy November!


Donna said...

That is great! Sugar Ray totally reminds me of my college days in the 90s when I , too was was skinny even though I didn't know it. (I actually grew up in LA and sometimes slip into Valley girl)

Randi S said...

And he's still totally rockin' hot! And we all used to be skinny & didn't know it :(

Lisa @ Life is Crazy Beautiful said...

Fun! We saw a concert on that same stage, but it was a Billy Joel cover band. They were pretty good though. The girl (15 at the time) didn't appreciate it so much :)

Ruth said...

You didn't see Hanson???!! Oh Beki. You take really great pictures!

This Farm Family's Life said...

So cool!

Irish American Mom said...

This is my first visit to your blog - I found it through the Pioneer Woman. So glad I linked up on the day you posted about Mark McGrath. How lucky to have him perform. Thanks for sharing.

merlin said...

I think there is some weird, cosmic irony that your confession post about Halloween resulted in 13 replies....don't you find that funny? 13

Anonymous said...

I think I would have preferred Hanson. ;) Haha!