Monday, November 21, 2011

The weekend...

was nice. Full of relaxing and girly stuff.
Sometimes it's so fun to be a girl!
I went to a jewelry party hosted by a friend.
The jewelry was from Plane Janes, who participate in the Barn Sale.

They also have candles and wreaths and other cute things.

Oh yeah... there were peanut butter brownies too.

Then I went and visited my friend's new store... It's super cute!

Then I napped.
And made tons of jewelry.
And napped.
And ignored calories.
And drank egg nog.

It was really good.
What did you do over the weekend?


Danielle said...

I got to spend Saturday morning hanging out on an ottoman with one of my favorite people! It was super fun and relaxing. Love you! :)

Simply Created by Cole said...

So fun Beki! I was I lived closer to make it!! This Saturday I relaxed. I had lots to do, but watched movies instead. That and my car was "dead." It's fixed now!

Melinda said...

Ran and ran errands.


Cristy said...

Love weekends like that! I had a wonderful Sunday. Got to just hang wiht the kiddos. Something I haven't done enough of lately. :)

Thanks for stopping in. Good to see you!


Lori Allberry said...

What an awesome weekend it sounds like you had Beki!

Thanks for sharing with us!


Amy said...

Thanks for coming! So fun to see you! :)