Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas Gift Certificate sale!

Our Christmas deadline has arrived.
As of today, we can't ship orders for Christmas delivery.
Our team has worked insane hours to get all of our orders out!
I've been so impressed! The only thing the could've done to produce more jewelry is move in with us...
They've put in long hours and I am so appreciative.

So since we're no longer shipping in time for Christmas, we're offering a Gift Certificate sale!

For every $25 gift certificate purchased you'll receive a $5 coupon to be used in January. (gift certificates are emailed manually and will arrive within 24 hours.)

If you buy a $25 gift certificate you get a $5 coupon.
If you buy $50 in gift certificates, you get a $10 coupon.

You can have it emailed to the recipient, or to yourself... Even purchase it for yourself if you want a treat!

Happy New Week to you!

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