Thursday, December 01, 2011

December Giving...

Happy December!!

Some of you have been "with me" since my business was selling a few jewelry items each week on ebay.
Then it was etsy.
Then it was our new name, The Rusted Chain.

Then things exploded. This "little" business of mine has become bigger than I could have ever imagined.
And I feel so humbled and blessed.

As an act of thankfulness, we try to give back. A lot.
We don't usually mention it.

But now I'm announcing that 10% of all our sales in December will be donated to Salvation Army to help Joplin families!

(I mentioned it the other day, but just casually in a blog post...)

We discussed numerous organizations we'd like to help, as well as the reasons behind each.
But my kids really wanted to help Joplin.
It's close to home for us. And we've seen the devastation first hand.
My kids just couldn't imagine these families who've lost their homes, not having anything for Christmas.

It feels so good to give!!

***If you had $10,000 to donate to any charity or organization, which would you choose?


Dede said...

I would give half to the Salvation Army (Dad said they did the most for him in WWII) and the other half to the Wounded Warriors.

Bethany said...

I love this! If I had that kind of money to donate I would give to World Vision. Amazing organization to help starving children learn, and thrive!

merlin said...

The need is so great, vast is a better word, that I think I would give 10 charities a thousand each, trusting that each thousand would reach corners that might otherwise be left in darkness: aid scholarship fund at local college benevolent fund
4.Red Cross
5.Salvation Army
6.Childrens Cancer Association
7.humane society
8.homeless shelter
9.YWCA shelter for abused women and children
I've always dreamed of being a philanthropist (ha, should have dreamed to be an astronaut, probably more likely), right now I have time to give, so that is what I donate. Giving is life saving, however one chooses, JUST GIVE, it makes a difference.

S Club Mama said...

I would donate it to an autism foundation that actually does something. I don't know. Or help families here in the town I live in with autism expenses (medical and food are so much).

Debby said...

Smile Train and to my doctors Healing Hearts Mission in Haiti.

Melissa N. said...

If I had $ 10K to donate to Camp Good Days and Special Times. They were "there" for me when I was going thru Chemo and cancer and I would love to give back to them. I am who I am today because of being sick as a child. Thank you God for all the challenges you have given me!


Danielle said...

I just love your gorgeous, generous heart!