Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Love it! {baking sheets}

If you still don't know what to ask your family for for Christmas, this is is what you need.

Commercial baking sheets.

I know... I didn't know I needed them either.
ReeRee said so. She has mentioned several times that they're essential in the kitchen.
So last year I asked The Man to get some for me.
I didn't even know why I needed them, or what I'd use them for but if ReeRee said so then I was willing to listen to her.

They're 18x12 inches and if you get high quality ones, they'll never rust.
I ended up receiving 4 of them and I L.O.V.E. them. Love.
Use them all the time.
They're perfect for biscuits, baked potatoes, cookies, roasting veggies, sheet cakes, and thousands of other things.
If you're in a time crunch and need a cake, whip up a store bought cake mix and bake it in one of these for 17-18 minutes. Instant sheet cake.
We grill out a lot, even in the winter, and The Man uses one to carry steaks, seasonings, and grill tools out to the fire pit and back.
They have a lip on them so nothing drips off.

I promise, even if you didn't think you needed them, you do.
And your life will never be the same.

Be sure to enter the giveaway in the post below this one!!

And we're still accepting orders and shipping in time for Christmas delivery within the US!


Melissa B. said...

And you need commercial parchment to go with. They have to be cut in half but that's 2000 sheets. You can purchase from any restaurant supply in boxes of 1000 and the aren't rolled up like the ones through parties or in kitchen stores. I buy and share with lots of friends. Plus the fit exactly to the pans you have.

Donna said...

I agree! I told my husband that I wanted new sheet pans. Not the cheesey Wilton kind and he looked at me funny. He said mine weren't too messed up yet. Argh.

Allen and Debby Graber said...

I have 3 and LOVE them!

LeAnna said...

I have a few and they do indeed ROCK! I'm huting for some good bread pans, now. You know...ones with tall sides so the bread rises nicely. Still searching.

Cerrisse said...

They are the BEST!

Lisa @ Life is Crazy Beautiful said...

I just got my 2nd one and would love a couple more!

so jeles said...

i agree, i borrowed a couple to make a sheet cake and i need to head out and buy some now!

Nezzy (Cow Patty Surprise) said...

Oh darlin', I saw ya over at Ree's and had to pop in and tell ya 'howdy'.

I have to tell ya, I just adore the necklace you made me. I always get compliments everywhere I wear it.

I'm havein' a giveaway over at my place. Drop on in, I'll leave the light on for ya and the cider on the stove.

God bless ya and do have a very Merry Christmas sweetie! :o)

Oh..the pans...are a must have!

Rose said...

I'd love to have these cookie sheets!

Leslie said...

Love mine! Make perfect cookies every single time. I wish I had a couple more!

Suzanne said...

Okay you have me w/ the no rusting!! What brands do you like??

Mindy said...

Would love to know where you found them or a brand to look for! I've wanted some pans like these for a long time.

Beki - TheRustedChain said...

Looks like mine are called Nordic-Ware half sheets. Not sure where they came from!

Tracie said...

I have nothing this nice...and would love to get some of these! Love the cake idea!

Sarah-Anne said...

NEED these. <3 our baking sheets are just so pitiful.