Tuesday, December 06, 2011

On letting go...

I'm changing. It's not comfortable, but it's good.

I like to think of myself as a good mom, a decent decorator, a crafty person with lots of ideas, someone with a fair amount of talent.

In the months leading up to The Holidays, my mind swirls with things I'll do, moments I'll create with the kids, all the fresh cookies and candies I'll make, and how amazing our home will look all decorated.
(Dang you Pinterest!!)

For the past few years I've been overwhelmed with jewelry orders and have ended up a blubbering bawling yelling stressed out hot mess.

This year I'm realizing that I am not Martha.
Not even Martha is really Martha. She has a huge staff of people to help her get everything done.

Most days lately I spend 14 hours (or more) in the studio making jewelry.
And that's okay. I'm beyond blessed.
I have a great team of helpers and an incredible support system.

We've put up a tree and that's where I'm stopping for this year.
I'm letting go of the idea of every room in the house being decorated and looking magazine perfect.
I may buy store bought cookie dough and bake with the kids.
I don't really have to provide fresh cookies to everyone I know.
Our "Christmas crafts" may consist of printer paper and crayons.
We'll still create plenty of family memories but they may be captured on a cell phone camera, not with my big fancy camera.
They may not get blogged.
We may eat out too many times this month because I'm too busy to cook.
But it's okay.

My kids and husband like me so much more when I'm not crying or yelling. (ha.)

I've never had a holiday season this stress-free, despite our business being bigger than ever.
This year is the first in a really long time that I'm learning to let go.
And it feels so good.

I suggest you try it.


kraftykash said...

LOVE this post! This year I decided not to buy so many gifts, to stay home with our little family on Christmas Eve and not send out Christmas cards. I am a rebel with a huge weight lifted off of my shoulders. It feels good. Congrats on your business success! You are inspiring to me. :)

sstocks said...

What a great post! And wonderful perspective on life during the holidays, we could all stand to remember your sentiment in our daily life!

StudioCherie said...

Good for you. Congratulations on your success and learning to work it into your expectations.

Kathleen Grace said...

Amen! So true, not even Martha is Martha, and not only does she have a huge staff, all the creating she does is her job, so she has uninterrupted time to do it! I've cut way back too, full time job this year and something's gotta give, so the house isn't dressed to the nines. If you want a super easy Christmas craft (print,cut and glue!)come on over and grab my free printable Santa boxes for treats. Thanks for sharing, you aren't alone.

Lesley said...

So true! I'm overwhelmed as it is, let alone during the holidays!
It's a gift to yourself, your family and friends to be a little easier on yourself and not demand so darned much of yourself!

Danielle said...

I've done the same thing this year. I have my list of all the things I want to do but I know there are several that aren't going to happen. It's ok. This is the first year we're not sending out a family photo Christmas card. It's ok. We might send a happy 2012 card instead. We're making happy memories and new traditions. Love you!

Shannon said...

I love this. Every. single. word. of it!!

MaryBeth said...

You go, girl!! A few years ago, I stopped the insanity of perfect decorations, perfect cookies, perfect everything...and I've never looked back. I still decorate and bake and celebrate, but without all the craziness and stress and desire to do it all and do it perfect. And guess what? Nobody complained. I think they were all happy to have ME - the real me - not some freakishly holiday-stressed ball of nerves and tears. At the end of our lives, we aren't going to look back and wish we would have decorated more or baked perfect cookies or wrapped perfect presents. We're going to look back and remembers the hugs and laughter and singing and keeping CHRIST in Christmas. The end.

Jona said...

I hear you! I've simplified so much this year and I'm truly happy. I have a serious deadline this week (not even ready) and am doing a lot of work on my etsy shop but I'm not freaking out and we are all happier for it. The baking will happen eventually, the package shipping will happen eventually, but in the meantime we are enjoying each other today.

Melanie @ Whimsical Creations said...

Amen sister!! I am, too, letting go.

You perfectly expressed how I have been feeling this year. I too have been overwhelmed with orders (congrats BTW!) and this year is the busiest by far.

HUGS and have a wonderful holiday with your family!

carissa... brown eyed fox said...

you go girl!
i see why she linked you!
great post!
i found myself shaking my head...
"yes... yes... so right"!

guess what?
we're not even doing a tree this year.
did the advent...
and plan on making some snowflakes with the girls.
focusing on the important birthday!
i will say... my mom is putting up a tree though...
we'll be there for christmas morning...
so the girls will have the fun of it there.

i am so happy for you!
in so many ways.
your success... your being "on fire"!
thanks for sharing...
and thanks for inspiring!

here's to letting go!
good one beki!

Rachael said...


Anonymous said...

My thoughts exactly!
Mrs. B.

Sally @DrinkingFromMySaucer said...

LOVE IT Beki! You and I are working from the same page this year!

1.Have the tree up (w/ only lights so far).
2.Have lights on the outside of the house (not MY project - LOL)
3.Have the advent candles out
4.Have a little Christmas-y display set up on a shelf in the kitchen.

And I'm wondering... can I get a few coffee mugs out and call it quits? Who makes the rules? I DO. (and you do for your house, of course -- isn't that LIBERATING?)

Keep up the stress-free stuff Friend! ~Sally

Amy said...

At least you're a hot mess. I think I'm just a regular ol' mess. :)

Meg B. said...


deb said...

WOW! Thank you for saying it is OK to relax and be real....not perfect!! I needed to hear that!

Wendy said...

Wow, what a slacker you are! My home always looks magazine ready. Somewhere under all the crap. And all of my Christmas decorations are sparkly and perfect. If you could see them behind all the boxes that I took them out of yet never put away. So get with the program, huh?

Laura said...

Doesn't sound like you let go of anything.
In fact, sounds more like you have gained a whole lot.

Every morning I ask God to please open my eyes and show me what I need to do today that is necessary...and that will glorify HIM.
Not once did He whisper, "Get your Christmas cards out, Laura!"

I have not bought a SINGLE gift yet.
We have no tree.
I am not celebrating the birth of our Savior by sending out a picture of my children.

We chose ONE crafty thing.
Gingerbread houses with friends.
Using graham crackers.

The rest of our plan?
To pray.
To focus on Jesus.
And to love one another while doing so.

Letting go is wonderful because most of the stuff we hang onto truly just weighs us down and blinds us of the great light that is about to shine before us.

Good for you Beki.
Put down the burdens and follow that star!

Courtney Walsh said...

I've been blogging about this same feeling a lot lately, Beki! :) Time to let go!!! And it's GOOD.

posting about your shop today!!

Rainbow said...

This is awesome!!! thank you for sharing

ps my Thankful Thursday can be found here

BARBIE said...

You go girl! So glad to hear this!

sandyb said...

This is wonderful! Thank you for sharing this. I was at this crossroad many years ago and I came to this realization. Sometimes I still need to sit and pray to get back on track. Merry Christmas!!!

jennifer said...

Good! Sounds like you made a WONDERFUL decision :) It's so much nicer to just enjoy the season than to spend the seasons trying to be Martha! I am going to try to remember that (she has a huge team of experts at her disposal) when I start getting depressed about my disaster of a house! Thanks for the reminder.