Monday, December 05, 2011

Rain and coffee and cake

Our weekend looked a lot like this.

Cold and rainy. But The Boy had a basketball game so we braved the nasty weather and did the good parent thing to do.

Someone should feed this child a sandwich.
He's so skinny and scrawny. He got that from his mama. *ahem*

Convenience store coffee.

Saturday was also laundry day. (Don't you love that you took time out of your busy Monday to come here and all you get to see is my laundry? Ha!)

Our shower broke. That's not fun.
We all took baths though, so we're not too stinky.

Sunday was The Baby's birthday. 5
I'm not even sure how that happened.
We went to lunch with some friends and family.

Then we went to a movie. Arthur Christmas.
It was really cute!!

Back home at night for cake and more presents.

It was cold and busy but really nice.
Is it January yet? I'm kind of ready for it.


jaquelyn {mama thoughts} said...

Happy birthday, cutie! My baby sister will be 8 in April, and I'm still in shock over how old she's getting...

P.S. LOVE that penguin wrapping paper! Where'd it come from, if I may ask?

Allen and Debby Graber said...

"Leaving a comment will make you rich, beautiful and skinny?" Really? Ok. Here is my comment. First of all, happy birthday 5 year old!! Where is the restaurant you went to. Don't recall seeing that before. This coming year instead of going to Kansas places we have never been, we are going to go to restaurants we have never been to before. Am looking for suggestions!

jonahbonah said...

you CAN'T be ready for haven't had Christmas yet!

i'm ready for Christmas!!! very ready. i'm ready to give all of these gifts and see our far away family and feel the love of them.

you're amazing. we should really talk one of these days. or text. didn't you get a fancy phone??? need my number again? email me. {i don't think i should share my number here..hehe}

Melinda said...

Everything you have shown is LIFE.
I do wish laundry could do itself!

Happy Birthday to Mr #5!


kendal said...

fun weekend! and i am right there with you in december wearing me out! and we just picked up another sport?!?!?!? my older decided to wrestle. he is a junior in HS, with no experience. and he allowed himself to be recruited. i. am. so. sleepy.

BARBIE said...

Sounds like a great weekend! Laundry is never ending, isn't it?

Wendy said...

Bad Baby is 5?! Time really does fly! And I still want to pick him up and squeeze him! :o)