Thursday, January 05, 2012

Hey, whatcha doin'?

Me? Just sitting here watching a coyote in my yard...

Wait, what?!

No, seriously. A coyote.

We hear them almost every night, but it's not very often that they just come strolling through the yard in the middle of the day.

When The Man got home and I told him he said, "Did you shoot it?!"

I proudly said, "YES!" and then grabbed my camera to show him the photos.
He rolled his eyes. "I meant with the gun, Beki."

Many of you know that I'm not really a country girl. We moved to the country last year.
I'm still kind of an imposter.

You know how you can tell I'm not from around here?

I say kie-yoh-tee. If you're a true country person, this animal is a kie-yoat. 2 syllables, not 3.

And it really doesn't matter how you pronounce it, it still doesn't work phonetically with the spelling.

And regardless of the weird spelling and pronounciations, I still don't really want them in my yard.

How do you pronounce it? 2 syllables or 3?


Non-Stop Mom said...

Depends on my mood, but usually 3 syllables.

When I lived in my old house (still within the city limits) there was a family of them living in an abandoned house across the street from me. Animal Control didn't seem to be too concerned about it, either.

I've seen them out and about during the day before, but not very often. However, I did see 6 deer on my way back from dropping the kids off at school this morning. I wasn't fast enough to shoot them though.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE this post! It definitely made my day brighter! I say it with 3 syllables. I grew up on a farm in Arizona. We were imposters for a couple of years and raised pigs, horses, chickens, loads of cats, two dogs, and one blck duck that sadly was massacred by a coyote. They are definitely not my favorite animal! You totally should have shot it with the camera and with your gun! LOL! :0)

Ashley Nottingham

Sally @DrinkingFromMySaucer said...

Wait, are you kidding. Well, no obviously you are NOT since you SHOT it and all. Oh my. A kie-yoh-tee (that's totally how I say it) would be a big surprise around here! Like, I would feel like I should call someone official to say "kie-yoh-tee spotted, kie-yoh-tee spotted. Whatcha gonna do about it?" LOL Oh my gosh, I am totally staying in MY house, because there is one at YOUR house. LOL

Lisa @ Life is Crazy Beautiful said...

My sister shared a "video" {actually it was dark out, so the video was all about the audio} a few nights sounded like a dozen of them "barking", she lives just outside Sedgwick. Kinda cool & creepy at the same time :)

I'm kind of a city girls that fantasizes about the country. I think there are some realities I wouldn't be too fond of.

.....Elizabeth..... Polka Dot Skies said...

I'm a country girl and grew up saying it with 3 syllables. Coyotes were not in upstate SC when I was little, but my parents hear them all the time now. Hope we never run into one while we are walking through the woods!

I love that you "shot" it with your camera!

Alisha said...

Two syllables!! Anything else and you've branded yourself a city slicker. It's kind of like calling chaps Chaps instead of SHaps. Big. Fat. No-no. ;-)

jonahbonah said...

I thought you were gonna say you REALLY shot it. That would've been awesome!

But, you did snag some great "shots!"

I say 3 syllables. I thought everyone did. Except for those back woods folks. :0)

rentz said...

I have never thought of myself as a country girl, but I only say it with 2 syllables. Guess I'm not as sophisticated as I thought! Ha!

KayzKreationz said...

I say it with 2 syllables. Grew up in the country, and live in the country now. We see them out behind our house at our water trough, but they haven't ever come up in the yard yet (that we've seen). Which I'm glad about. Had some friends that the coyotes came right up on their porch and got their cats/kittens to carry them off to eat. I'm always afraid to let my dog out at night when I hear them. She'd go after them and probably wouldn't come back. I usually just take the gun and shoot up in the air to scare them off, but it's because they're always out there at night and I can't see them good enough to try to shoot them.

Vanessa {Bloom Right Here!} said...

Two syllables. Up here at the University of South Dakota the coyote is our mascot.

Anonymous said...

2 Syllables.... Bang... Bang...


Anonymous said...

I was totally expecting a Phineas and Ferb reference here.....because one of the girls always comes over and says, "Hey Phineas, Whatcha doin?"

Cool picture though!

flower power momma said...

2 syllables usually. i love to hear them howl. as a child the sounds scared me, but now i like it. a sweet reminder of growing up. it's always a joy when i am at my parents farm and i hear them. gets even sweeter when the pheasants and owls can be heard too.
once in awhile we'll see a coyote out and about in the day. usually far enough away to not worry, though.

bibliophile21 said...

I'm from North Carolina, and I use 3 syllables. But I currently live in Colorado and most people here use 2 syllables, so I think part of it is regional.

Laura V. said...

I grew up a country girl in Florida. We always said it with two syllables. Then, after I got married, I moved away from home and changed the way I said it (to 3 syllables) as I tried to lose the "country" accent. But the funniest thing is how my husband says it! He's an Aussie and he says cOY-oh-tee. With the emphasis on "OY." I had never heard anyone say it like that before, but it's super cute!