Tuesday, January 17, 2012

That. Was. Awesome.

After such a busy season with The Rusted Chain, I've been exhausted.
I've been so ready for a break.
And while I was really wanting a beach, palm trees, and cabana boys, that wasn't an option right now with the kids in school and no one to watch them.

Sooooo, over the weekend my sister and I headed off for a girl's getaway.

We did our nails. Twice. Okay maybe three times.
The theme for the weekend was sparkles.
Every time we'd see anything sparkly we'd squeal like little girls, "Thparkles!!"

We drank large amounts of coffee. Neither of us is Diane, but Starbucks gave us a free Caramel Macchiato they goofed up. Score.

We had Chinese food. In Springfield, MO.
If you're ever in Springfield and have never tried their style of Cashew Chicken, do it.
It's my favorite. It's totally different than Chinese food anywhere else in the world, but Springfield is known for it.

There was this one random green chippy chair in the restaurant. All the others were black or white. And I wondered if I could sneek this one out with me.
Isn't it cute?

The toughest decision I had to make all weekend was firm or soft. I picked both.
And stuffed the rest around me.

We had a spa day. With the best massage I've ever had in my life. Ahhhhmazing.

We shopped and ate and talked and laughed and shopped some more.
I loved these colorful handmade rope reindeer.

Hoping to not get recognized. It worked. I didn't get asked for my autograph a single time.

I didn't actually eat these, but tweeted this pic to my friend Nichole Nordeman.
She loves the Italian Nachos from Old Chicago.

We had sushi. And tiramisu. And Doritos with wine while we watched the Golden Globes. (all on different days. I promise!)
I ooze class and sophistication.

The best part of this photo is that my sister is deathly afraid of clowns. And I made her hold my phone and take a picture of me with a clown. HeeHeeHee!!!

This store is called Devo and it's fabulous. You can try tons of different olive oils and balsamic vinegars. I could have taken a loaf of crusty bread in with me and called it my meal for the day.

I could have given you a hotel tour like Ree does, but we stayed at a Holiday Inn Express. Not terribly posh.
We did wake up smarter each morning though!

I tweeted a picture of these shoes and asked if I should buy them.
The overwhelming response was YES! I love that twitter helps me make my fashion decisions. They're now mine.

We LOVED the restaurant supply store. We're incredibly wild and crazy girls, in case you hadn't noticed. We know how to par-tayyyy!

I agree.

This is how we ended our weekend. So good. Such a splurge.
I came home 877 lbs. heavier than I left.

Based on the amount of shopping bags I have to unpack today, I should now be the best dressed lady in all of rural Kansas farm country.
So I'll pull on my favorite lounge pants and get to work.

If you had $500 and 3 free days, what would you do?


Janelle said...

Looks like you had a wonderful time! Nothing quite like being with friends, a girls weekend, to lift ones spirits.

God Bless,

Julie said...

Go away with my husband. We haven't done it in 4 years, just the two of us. We need it.

Anonymous said...

How fun!! I would take my sister to the Queen Bee Market!! We want to go so badly!

Dede said...

Since it has been a while since my 4 sisters and I have been on a true “Sisterfest”, I would use the money to rent a cabin in Arkansas near enough to make day trips to Eureka, AR and Branson, Mo –Lake of the Oarks, and Red Rocks in Oklahoma. (Sisterfest is what we have dubbed our use to be annual GTG--it is a time just to be together without hubbys or kids to look after).Eat, laugh, giggle, eat, sleep, giggle--tell stories, giggle and maybe shop a little. Last few years we have had family weddings so really haven't gotten to get away together. We would have t-shirts made for the gathering and lots of times we were asked if we were a bowling team! LOL--none of us bowl....

Susan Hill said...

I'd buy an iPad...and read while eating lots of chocolate. ;)

Unknown said...

Fabulous and fun weekend! I had to laugh out loud at the clown picture though. Sisters love to press each others buttons don't they? haha

If I had $500 I'd spend it on a fancy pants American canner, another beehive and materials for our chicken coop project. What a geek right? ;)

Dawn said...

I would go to Canton, TX and shop til I dropped! I LOVE old junk!!!

Kara Dickinson said...

I would go to a hotel and order room service and read books in bed and watch movies and sip frozen drinks by the pool.

Anonymous said...

What would I do????? Oh my, the possibilities are endless...
Mrs. B.

Sara said...

Download a billion books to the Kindle app (or iBooks app) and sit in my bed/big comfy chair and read. Occasionally get up to go in search of yummy food and hit Cocoa Dolce each day for a hot chocolate and some margarita chocolates!

Rustown Mom said...

Exactly what you did...

merlin said...

I would take either, can you actually be my fairy Godmother? Really, 3 free days would be extravagant. 500$ to spend anyway I'd like, a miracle, and to have both, well I might drop dead from shock. How wise of you to do this, to pamper yourself with a break, some fun, girl time, yes, you are a wise, wise woman. I wonder if there is a wise woman living inside of me somewhere....I hope so. Thanks for the inspiration.

Heather Irene @ Rambling Rose said...

Old Chicago! I am so jealous! Ours closed. Looks like you had a great time!

Typhoid_Holli said...

Thank you Beki! I had so much fun. :0)

Loves -

rotner ramblings said...

your weekend looks amazing. if i have $500, I'd do the same damn thing you did. glad you had fun!

HeARTworks said...

Wow! Thanks for taking us with you to your partay! $500 would go a long way here in the Philippines! Buy lots of food and invite lots of people to partay in my sister's beach house! Yoohoo! Patsy from

Diane said...

I'm Diane...you drank my drink! lol

Meg B. said...

a girl's weekend...cabin, snow, fire, wine and chocolate.