Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Critters...

One thing about living in the country: all the critters.

I have a mix of cell phone pictures and real camera pictures.

These critters are our new neighbors. Baaa.

This critter decided we are her new family.
She's the prettiest and sweetest critter we've seen in a while.

This critter loves to keep her trapped up in the tree.

These critters have been around in flocks lately. (wild turkeys)

This is a critter foot that appeared on my porch the other day.
(Because I'm such a nice blogger, I'll keep the picture little. You're welcome.)

That foot was once attached to this critter.

The foot was chewed off by this critter.

He also likes to wrestle with his critter sister, as most siblings do.

This critter still can't figure out that those black critters with the white stripe that spray? They aren't to be chased. She's been skunked more times than I can count.
Not our brightest critter.

This one though: This is one of my favorite critters around here.
He loves to help his daddy, and doesn't realize he's only 5. He's pretty sure he's a grown man.

Oh, the critters...


Lisa @ Life is Crazy Beautiful said...

Okay...that coon foot is grossin' me out! But great pics, we love critters...mostly :)

Sara said...

I am so not a country girl. That foot would've sent me over the edge!!!

Alisha said...

Lol! This reminds me of our house AND my five year old!!! We end up with dead cattle critter legs in our yard. Or deer legs. It's gross. The end.

cairncottage said...

Thanks for keeping the gross pictures to a minimum! Was the paw a chew toy for pooch-y? The coon tail reminded me of when I was young. When the coons would get into our garbage cans outside, my mom(yes, she was the tough one) would trap them, end them, cut off their tails for us kids and we would think it was cool to have a coon tail to show off(like a rabbit's foot). Anyways, thanks for sharing some cute critter pics!!

Shore Debris said...

I love the dogs - remind me of mine :) She loves treeing the local cats and squirels and I can't talk the bunnies into staying out of our yard since she catches those quite often (but lucky for me doesn't try to leave me presents!)

kendal said...

i have to admit that i LOVE your dog for ridding the world of a cantaloup-eating, corn-ruining raccoon....enjoy the lambs and turkey chicks this spring!

Sarah-Anne said...

gotta love those critters...animal AND human ;)

Christina said...

I couldn't handle the critters! :) What an adventure every day must be!

Joni said...

Well, at least the foot was just on the porch. My cousin has two cats, both who consider it their mission in life to rid their neighborhood of squirrels. One of them habitually covers his bowl of food with a dish towel after he's done eating, maybe to keep his brother from eating it. She pick up the towel the other day, something fell out and she thought it was a toy mouse. Nope, it was a squirrel foot.