Saturday, February 11, 2012

Lovey dovey crafty happy...

The other day the kids and I had a craft afternoon.

We spread newspapers across the dining room table. (which should really be brown paper - kraft paper or grocery bags. They absorb the extra wax much better.)
Then a layer of wax paper.
(such concentration!)

Then with a pencil sharpener, we shaved crayons in lovey dovey colors in a thin layer over the wax paper.

Then added glitter.
Because sparkles make me happy!!

Put another layer of wax paper over the top.
Then another layer of newspaper. (which, again, should really be brown paper - kraft paper or grocery bags.)

We ironed it for a few seconds to melt it all together.

Then the kids drew hearts and cut them out.
We strung them with cute baker's twine in front of the window.

Sparkly, lovey dovey, happy...

(and yes, my dirty windows could use a washin'. They don't look that bad in real life, but goodness, it shows up in pictures! I'll work on that, next time I'm bored. Ha.)


HeARTworks said...

Great project for Valentine! Nice and easy! Patsy from

jonahbonah said...

We made those in elementary school!!! I loved making that craft!

Chad and Jody said...

super cute, Beki!

Melinda said...

I remember doing these when I was younger! Love them.