Wednesday, February 15, 2012


It's very tough for us to find a babysitter sometimes.
(no real reason, our kids aren't little terrors. Really. It just never seems to work out.)
So several years ago The Man and I finally gave up on the idea of having a Valentine's Date.
We have a family Valentine's dinner instead.

And it's wonderful!
It's always the same things, really... Red foods and candlelight.
Spaghetti, red jell-o, red apple slices, salad with strawberry vinaigrette dressing, red velvet cake, and the kid's favorite - sparkling red grape juice out of champagne glasses.
(I grabbed the sparkling grape juice on clearance after Christmas, knowing that I'd save it for Valentine's day. Score.)

The Baby calls it a "dark dinner."
We turn off all the lights, light candles, and they're expected to use their best manners. (more than a normal night at the dinner table.)

They toasted each other... so sweet!

It's still cold out. And today it's so foggy I can barely see the barns.
The fields are all white.
It's pretty.
I'm working on jewelry orders, by myself today, wearing my Mickey Mouse sweats.
Listening to country music. I go through phases... sometimes it'll be non-stop Christian music, then adult top 40 for several weeks until I can't handle another song by Pink, then I switch to Country.
Right now I'm back in my country phase.

I should probably change into real clothes before I head out into public this afternoon.

If you're home, do you wear "real clothes" or lounge clothes?


Sally @DrinkingFromMySaucer said...

If I have no place to go (my very most favorite days!) I love to lounge around in comfy stuff!

Unknown said...

I love your Valentine dinner tradition with kids! SO sweet, and I am sure they will treasure that memory, too.

I try to get dressed as soon as I find time (though sometimes that isn't until 10 or 11). I feel more creative and productive when I am dressed.

Have a great, creative day!

Belinda said...

Sweats and comfy clothes all the way, baby! Sometimes, it is my particular joy to not get dressed at all on a lazy day at home, just stay in my pjs. Now THAT'S stress relief. :)
Happy Valentine's Day!

Anonymous said...

I planned a candlelight dinner for my husband and little boys and it was wonderful! It wasn't anything elaborate but it was such fun. I tend to wear my lounge clothes the minute I get home from work....
Mrs. B.

jonahbonah said...

I should totally plan a candlelight dinner for the hubs and i...he would think it's silly.

when i'm at home i totally wear lounge clothes. i try to wear nice lounge clothes though...if that makes any sense.

Four Marrs and One Venus said...

Love your Family Dinner! We do a "red" dinner as well- pretty much almost the same menu! (Would love for you to check it out, I just posted about it) :) .... And I write to you.... in my Sweats, Sweatshirt and Pony Tail! :)

Melissa at Perry Jayne said...

I change into "yoga pants" and a tank top or t-shirt within 10 minutes of walking into the door. Gotta be in comfy clothes when I am home.

Southern Traditions Boutique said...

Love lounging in my ducky sleep pants, or my adidas sweatpants....oh, and a big, comfy oversized tee! it's been so cold here in LA (lower Alabama), that I've worn my fuzzy jacket too!

Gale Wall said...

I only wear real clothes to church. Um, most of the time. I love lounging clothes. They don't have to be frumpy....but that certainly works on a dreary Kansas winter day.

Melinda said...

How fun for all! I bet the kids love it.
Sweats are my go to at home since I dress for school each day.


Debbie said...

Comfy clothes all the way at home..

Doodle Bugs said...

lounge clothes :o)

Debby said...

Comfy clothes all the time. Jammies most days when I am not working.

Tammie said...

Sounds like a wonderful evening!

I'm all for comfy clothes at home.

Melanie said...

barefeet and comfy clothes as soon as I get home from work!!

Christina said...

I love your Valentine Dinner! And your gorgeous pics! I'm in lounge clothes, and really, I go out in them. :) So comfy.

HeARTworks said...

Hi Beki,
We've had family dinners ever since our first "married" valentine together was such a disaster! We went to one of our favorite restaurants only to find they made it a little crowded with all these tiny tables for two, and they made the servings smaller too and changed the menu! So we decided instead of going through the traffic we have a family get together wth my parents and siblings' families. It's a lot of fun too!
When I am home I am usually dressed up because I start my day by going to mass in the morning. I don't dress down after that. When I paint or do other messy things, I just put on an apron.
:^) Patsy from

rotner ramblings said...

Naked...all day.
Lounge as long as possible, even outside of the house. Most days I rarely get out of my gym clothes before 4p.m.