Friday, February 24, 2012

Slumber parties with Pioneer Woman

Do you remember the time I told you I died? (If not, then click here.)

And then do you remember the time I spent the weekend with Pioneer Woman? (If not, click here.)

Well since then Ree and I have become BFF's. (sort of)
Best friends 4ever. We're tight. Like *this*. (sort of)
Each of us has half of a broken heart necklace.
We have slumber parties.
We jump on the bed and have pillow fights and drink sangria and eat burgundy mushrooms and cinnamon rolls and talk about wranglers and muddy children and basset hounds that chase skunks and watch movies and giggle late into the night. (sort of)

Because of our Best Friends For Life status, she offered to send me a signed advance copy of her new cookbook.

"Love to my precious Kansas friend." Isn't that cute? She thinks I'm precious... (she just doesn't know any better...)

Guys, it is so good!
I love love love her first cookbook and use it all the time.
I gave it for gifts at Christmas.
And this one is just as good, or better.

It's pretty and bright and saturated with color and calories, just as we'd expect from a Pioneer Woman cookbook.
You should get it!!

Thank you Ree for being my BFF 4ever. (sort of)


cooperkelly4 said...

you both are lucky ducks!!!

Catherine Jayne said...


LeAnna said...

How fun is that?! You should make a recipe out of it and then fill us in. You know, for those of us that have to wait until the book launches into the non slumber partying world. ;)

Jen Shults said...

So jealous!! I preordered a month ago and I'm not so patiently waiting!

Sarah-Anne said...

you & Ree are perfect for each other. really, truly. BFFs <3

Mindy Harris said...

i think i heard she's going to be in wichita in the next few months?? like april, maybe? i'm SO GOING. i love her.
so cool you are "in" with her. eeee!

Katherine said...

Can't wait! I preordered one for my sister's Christmas present!

Jenni said...

wow! best friends with ree, i am jealous! you are one lucky girl!!!

carissa said...

um, totally jealous over here.

saw your tweet about an email from someone really popular. hmm... did i put two and two together?

you're like famous now.

Gale Wall said...

Jealous! I pre-ordered mine. Can't wait to get it.

Laura said...

she wrote the same exact thing in my cookbook, which is so weird, since I live in CT....

Chad and Jody said...

rude ^

That's really cool that she signed a copy for your groupies, like me. :)