Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Country Living week - Day 2

Day 2 of Country Living week is soft and pretty... and possibly temporary.

It's "Apricot Blossoms day".

Our weather has been unseasonably warm. And our apricot trees are just starting to bloom.
As exciting as that is for me, it worries me too.
One good freeze will knock out any possibility of apricots this year.
So I'm crossing my fingers and toes, hoping the temperature stays above freezing.
But I also thought I'd capture a little bit of the beauty while I can, in case it doesn't last.

They just look so pretty and pastel, and scream Spring!

Do you have any fruit trees in your yard?
If you could pick some, what would you choose to have?
I think we have 4 or 5 apricot trees (I should go count!) but if I got to pick, I'd love apples, peaches, and cherries.


Rustown Mom said...

Very pretty pics with the combo of blues and pinks. I have a lone fig tree which hung onto life through the drought. I watered it a lot, but the only figs it made never ripened and the birds desperately pecked them off anyway. It's sprouting leaves now so here's hoping this summer is not as brutal as the last!

Southern Traditions Boutique said...

Love the soft pastels of your pics! I just posted on my blog yesterday about everything that is blooming in our yard as well :) Come on by and take a peek....

rentz said...

Beautiful pictures. We just planted an apple tree in the fall. Hoping to have apples in a couple years.

Sarah-Anne said...

beautiful pictures!

Hockeyfan25 said...

Love the pics! I'd pick an apple and a cherry tree!

Cheryl said...

Love those blossom pictures, very pretty. I have a cherry and a couple apple trees but not yet in bloom but maybe soon as the weather here in Ohio is really warming up!
Have fun,

jonahbonah said...

Those pictures are amazing! As are you!

Danielle said...

Love the photos! Almost as beautiful as you. I think I'd like a money tree in my yard. It may not be as sweet or pretty, but it would be mighty handy!

Unknown said...

We don't have any fruit trees. They are so gorgeous!

Ruth said...

Beki these pictures are amazing! I want to come and visit (in a season without snakes, please). I'm now staying in a house that has a coconut palm tree. Pretty darned exotic for a Brit ;)

Melinda said...

No fruit trees here but our neighbor has a peach tree.