Monday, March 19, 2012

A new week...

Last week was Country Living Week on the blog.
And I'm so grateful for the response you all gave!
I received so many emails about it, which were lovely.

Many of you suggested that I do a theme week more often.
I love that idea. But the amount of hours I spent blogging last week are not something I can do every week.
It takes a lot of time to pull all those photos together, edit them, compile them into a blog post, and hope our rural internet stays connected the whole time.

This week is Oh-Dang-It's-Spring-Break-And-My-Kids-Are-Home-Now-What-Do-I-Do??? week.

(daffodils and hyacinth from my yard, vintage drinking glass, small chalkboard is something we grabbed at the last Barn Sale. This whole room smells amazing because of that glass of flowers.)

Sometimes people say things to me like "How do you do it all?!" and "Do you ever rest?"... I assure you that I am not superwoman.
For the most part, I have very well behaved kids, which helps a lot.
They're kind and sweet, and generally respectful.
I have really good people that work for me and keep me in line.
I'm not a control freak and am happy to delegate as much as possible.
I keep calenders and post-it notes and reminders everywhere.
And to show you just how not-together I am, I spent 3 days recently trying to figure out if my kids had already had Spring Break or if it was coming up.
I seriously couldn't remember.
I finally asked them.
They laughed and said, "Mom, it's next week. You don't even remember whether or not we were home for an entire week?!" Oy.
I do not have it all together, people.

We don't have plans to go anywhere.
I'd love to do a craft every day, but I'm logical enough to know that it won't happen.
It's also supposed to rain, nearly all week. Wheeee.
We may just spend the entire week relaxing, baking, playing wii, and watching too many hours of Phinneas and Ferb.

Do you get a Spring Break?


Toni :O) said...

Oh yeah...but we don't leave for Florida until Friday, March 30th...pulling kids out a bit early to catch a flight and they are off school the whole next week! Counting down as I'm long overdue for a vacation-woot woot! Enjoy this week with your kiddos!

jonahbonah said...

Oh girl, I will be stalking this all week! My boys are on spring break next week. It's gonna be a looooong week!!

Debby said...

Next week for me. My kids are all grown but I my work still revolves around a school scedule. I am always going to Colorado to visit my kids and this year I'm not. Feel kinda bad about it. So going to do some things around home.
Have fun. When mine were young the whole town went on vacations. We stayed home one year and the kids were miserable.

nan said...

My kids don't believe in too many hours of Phinneas and Ferb. That's like too much cereal. Doesn't exist.

Karrie S Combs said...

I always have good intentions but Phineas and Ferb always sneak in....I curse you Perry the Platypus,

paige said...

now that i have one in college, her spring break is different from the other girls :(
we're usually here though.
love your picture on today's post!!


merlin said...

Beki, is the question "do I get a spring break?" or my kids?

The kids get a spring break, that means not only do I NOT get one, but I NEED ONE.

(I'm sorta jesting, I love having them around, but I would love my own spring break)

Artsnark said...

sounds like a fun week. We just had a staycation last week - went to a bunch of local museums etc. Great fun

Sarah-Anne said...

Spring Break is a joke. Its just a time to set aside school and work on things that get neglected while you were busy doing school.

May your Spring Break defy the odds!

Melinda said...

Our break was last week.
Now on with the rain!

Happy Spring to You!


Meg B. said...

I've always had spring break and summer break...the two best reasons to be a me there aren't many more.

Yesterday we watched the rain, hit the thrift shop, had lunch with dad. Tonight, company coming for dinner=fondue fun.

Promised a fieldtrip to the new Cabela's and Chick-fil-a later in the week.

Oh, and a photo walk, definately a photo walk.


Christina said...

My son's spring break was last week...I was sick! It wasn't that much fun for anyone! I hope you guys have a great time, relaxing and hanging out. I'm with Nan's boys (yes, I said "I'm" and not "my kids are")...there cannot be too much P and F. :) said...

I think sometimes the best times my kids have had at home are when they aren't planned. Lots of just "down" time. They get so busy with their schedules and homework and school I think they like watching TV and playing video games, etc. Sounds like it will be a great week for you and your kiddies. Have fun!