Friday, April 13, 2012

An afternoon with The Pioneer Woman

Ree was going to be doing a book signing in Wichita yesterday, and for a while we've been planning to get together for dinner.
So we did.
It was Ree, Cowboy Josh, a friend named Jenni, and me.
And would you believe I didn't take a single picture at dinner??
What kind of blogger am I, anyway??

It was actually really nice. The restaurant was quiet and there was hardly anyone there.
We just sat and chatted and laughed and enjoyed the downtime!
When I got home, The Man said, "You don't even have proof?!"
On our table was falafel, pasta salad, 6 Cheese chicken pasta, New Orleans style fish, iced tea, Diet Pepsi, and Bud Light.
We really did have a nice meal together. Even if I don't have proof.

Then it was off to the theater for the book signing.
The location is an old church.
I snapped a quick picture on the way in.

Then I stopped and took a picture of the audience, pretty architecture, and empty stage.

We got tucked in our seats, high up in the balcony.
And then a lady came onstage and grabbed a mic and said, "Is there a Jenni and a Beki here?" Oh no.
I'm shy. Jenni's shy-er. (yeah, I made up a word.)
We sheepishly raised our hands.
"Ree said you're her VIP guests for the night and would like you ladies down here, so we've put two chairs on stage. Come on down!"

Oh dang.

I shoved my camera at my assistants and told them they were in charge of it.

Jenni and I took our places on stage, blushing and quivering.

My view from the stage...

"Jenni, how did we get here??" ... "Beki, I don't know but I think people are looking at us." ... "Jenni, I'm sweating." ... "Beki, I'm blushing." ... "Jenni, I'm shaking." ... "Beki, me too." ...

Cowboy Josh joined us. He was as scared as we were.
He started devising a plan for us to sneak away.

Jenni passed the word on to me.

Let's just all sit here and try to look like we're comfortable.

You know how to tell that I don't belong on a stage??
This is me apparently scratching my butt, in front of a huge crowd of people.
I'm grateful to my lovely assistant for documenting this moment for me.

Our escape plan failed and next thing we knew Ree was on stage.

My view...

She sang a rousing version of Diana Ross' "My Endless Love" to Charlie.

She was hilarious and charming, even though she was nervous too.
Ree owned the audience.

So, here's where we get to the best part.

After the program, we all headed backstage and Ree said something like, "Thank you guys for joining me up there for moral support!"
Jenni and I looked at each other confused.
I said jokingly, "I don't think we had a choice!"
Then we were all confused...

Ree said, "I told the bookstore people that my friends Beki and Jenni were my VIP guests, and I'd like them to be right in front. I meant the front row!"

The bookstore people put us right in front... of the whole audience!!


We survived.
And despite me breaking out in the flop-sweats, it was a really wonderful afternoon!

Thank you, sweet Ree!


Bobbie said...

Ha! That's awesome. I would have fallen off the stage. Seriously. Glad you all had so much fun.

Randi S said...

oh my gosh, if Wichita had been closer to my part of the state, I'd have gone! I had it in my planner, even.

Kelly said...

I love it! Looks like a great time. And as for not having proof of your meal, I think it just means you were focused on enjoying your meal, conversation, and company.

jennifer said...

You looked great up there!!! I wad so excited for you and then it was my turn to meet her and I was a giddy mess! ;-)

Sally @DrinkingFromMySaucer said...

Oh how fun! What a great adventure! =)

Jen~ Lipstick and Laundry said...

Hahaha this reads like an I Love Lucy script... soooo FUNNY...

rentz said...

How fun! And funny...tushy scratcher...

Jenni said...

It was fun--scary fun, but fun nevertheless! I'm so glad I finally got to meet you! Listen, y'all, Beki is an absolute sweetheart and very funny, too. So buy some jewelry, mmmkay? ;)

Women Living Well said...

I'm so relieved you got that final photo!!! :)!!! I LOVE it!

merlin said...

Total Beki-envy.
So very happy for you.

Typhoid_Holli said...

Are you slouching or is she that tall? Also I don't see a stitch of RC Jew,ry! For shame!!

I'm glad you had fun. :0)

Love you,

Tigertamer said...

wow how cool I would give anything to meet her...she is so awesome

my Fingerprint can be found here

Toni :O) said...

Sooo exciting and the tushy scratching comment had me busting out loud laughing! What a memorable evening, glad you got to be a part of it.

Heather | Cookie Mondays said...

super fun!

Paula said...

How awesome :) I'm just giggling over your commentary about the photos.

The Little Red Shop said...


jonahbonah said...

I would've been waving like I just won Miss America. The audience would have known no different! Well, except that I weight about 75 pounds more than any Miss America. Oh, never mind!

You're such a rock star!!!

Kelley said...

Haha that butt itching picture cracked me up I even had to call my hubby over to see the picture too. I'm positive I would've done something equally as graceful if I was on stage too. And since im 7 mo pregnant now im sure it would've including peeing my pants or something of that nature :) thanks for the laugh and so wish I could've been there to brush arms with all the fame

Danielle said...

So fun!! Great photo of you and Ree. You rock star :)

Melinda said...

What fun for you! I would like to meet her--she seems so down to earth.


HeARTworks said...

Thanks for sharing your experience! Patsy from

Beki - TheRustedChain said...

Holli, I wasn't slouching, she's really that tall. :) And she does have some Rusted Chain jewelry! ;-)

Melissa, that's too funny about waving like a pageant queen!! The Girl said she'd have done a little tap dance on stage for the audience. Haha!

Cole said...

Love this! I would have been sweating like crazy too. I get so nervous with public speaking or even being on stage. I'm an over thinker. But being put up there when asked. Oh man!

Anonymous said...

How exciting for you!
Mrs. B.

Darcie (My Modern Country) said...

Wow-what a fun day! I was lucky enough to make the trip to Denver to meet her-she is such a sweetie :)

Shannan Martin said...

Oh my dear heavens. I love it. It's sort of like when I treated my friend to a massage and they misunderstood and set us up for a romantic "couples" massage. Eeek! ha ha ha. Life is so dang weird/funny.

Doodle Bugs said...

what a great story!! And, it looks like a beautiful place.

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melissa stover said...

oh that is so fun! what a great story. said...

You are so cute and funny. I love this post and I loved your "butt scratching" photo. So something I would have been caught doing ;) Heehee

Anonymous said...

glad you got to have fun with PW. Your blog reminds me of hers!!

Nancypantsgirl said...

You are adorable! Butt scratching on stage is a sure sign of unpretentiousness. It makes you more likeable. Scratch on, sister, scratch on.