Monday, April 16, 2012

Kansas tornadoes...

Before the weekend, weather forecasters started warning us about some pretty intense weather.
They were predicting a severe tornado outbreak across Oklahoma and Kansas.

And it happened.
Saturday evening we were keeping an eye on the news and ready to head to the basement when necessary.
We're too far out of town to hear the tornado sirens, so we have to rely on the tv and radio.
And The Man is a huge weather nerd so that helps. He really should've been a meteorologist.

Just before sunset we went out and I snapped a picture of the clouds.
Not much was happening and it was just kind of pretty.

Then, less than an hour later, in the same spot it was this.

Tornado! On the ground.

The kids and I were safe indoors, but The Weather-Junkie Man wanted to go see if he could see it.
So he grabbed my camera and the video camera and got these.
(I've taught him enough about aperture and ISO that he knew how to brighten up the pictures enough to get these. Now I need to work with him on shutter speed.) ;-)

Tornadoes sometimes "fall apart" and then come back together and that's what was happening here.

Then this armored "tornado proof" vehicle drove in front of him!
I've seen this on tv, but never in person.
It was with a crew of storm chasers.


We lost power for the night, but that's it.
Sunday we went out to look at the damage nearby.

We originally thought the tornado was right by us.
It ended up being 4-5 miles away.
Wichita got hit pretty hard which was very scary.
There were 97 tornadoes reported in Kansas on Saturday.
The yearly average is 57.

All in all, there hasn't been a single death report from these storms in Kansas!
We were very blessed.

Springtime in the Midwest is crazy.


Linda said...

Those are pretty amazing pictures that your hubby took. I know it must make you nervous that he wanted to be outside doing that.

My husband likes to look outside too, and I am always begging him to stay inside with me! Cuz I am a big chicken when it comes storms. Ha!

We did spend some time in the closet in the basement and then the power went out so we didn't know what was going on from that point on. (We didn't have batteries for the radio! Ugh!)

Two hours later the power came back on. We stayed in the basement, and and on, and just left the tv on after that. It was stressful and tiring.

I am glad the storms didn't damage your place. We also had no damage. We are so thankful...and we are praying for those who did.

Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

Debby said...

Very amazing and scary pictures. If that chaser car would have driven in front of me, I would have known it was time to go the other way. The 14 year old autistic boy that I watch is obsessed over tornados. I can't wait to show him your pictures. Glad you and your kids were that hubby of yours....

Unknown said...

Crazy, scary stuff! But kind of fun to get some photos!

Kelli Shoe said...

I know this is weird, but the crazy weather is one of the things I miss about Kansas. Of course, I usually freak out when I'm virtually following KC weather and am not able to gauge the true danger. And since my morning is your middle-of-the-night, most of my family isn't keen on giving me updates. ;-)

Glad all are safe. Prayers for Wichita as they rebuild.

Jill Franklin said...

oooh...that was one crazy weekend! 4 to 5 miless away is too close for me. We live outside of Lawrence, KS...we just got a Lot of wind. Sometimes the outside winds from the twister can be just as damaging and I'm glad you and your family are ok.

Great pictures by the way. That's one adventure I'll leave for someone else. =)

Jenni said...

call me crazy, but makes me miss living in the midwest because of those storms! my dad would have to pull me in the house when it got bad enough, i used to just lay in the front yard and watch it all (thunderstorms, not tornados)!! love them!!

wow...97 in just one day - that is insane. glad to hear that everyone seems to be okay.

Heather said...

How Scary. I am Outside of Kansas City (mo side) We thankfully missed everything. Great shots though. Glad you all stayed safe. I think we are in a for a long haul with mother nature this yr.

Danielle said...

Holy batman!! I can't believe your hubby got those pics. I'm pretty sure shutter speed should have been the farthest thing from his mind. He needed to be worried about his sneaker speed :) All that damage was from the tornado that was close to you? That's just crazy stuff! Glad you're safe and sound.

Toni :O) said...

Wow! So glad you were all okay, however, your hubby should be in shelter with you!!! Crazy man!!

Sarah said...

Wow! That is close! So glad you are okay!

Sarah @ This Farm family's life

Debby said...

I just showed these pictures to Tanner, the boy I watch. He loved them esp. the Storm chaser's car. For his 16th birthday he wants to go on a storm chase.

Melinda said...

Isn't it fun to live in Kansas in the Spring? Glad to hear that you are good.
We have family in OKC and they had one near their home but they didn't have any problems.
Thankfully we didn't have anything here in Kansas City just ALOT of wind.
Mother Nature is a force we don't mess with here in Kansas.


val said...

It will soon be one year since an F1 tornado touched down on our property. It did around 50K worth of damage but praise God we could still live there. Just now, the brick is being put back on the farm home our daughter and her family live in....What an experience, that I do not want to repeat. My heart truly goes out to those involved in this type of disaster.

Natalie said...

Glad you guys are okay too!! but SOOOO jealous you got to see the tornadoes AND the TIV! Wow, crazy night. Ah! My husband is a wanna-be-meteorologist too and we are generally in the yard hoping for just a glimpse of the tornado, cool shots! we have yet to see one, but we have been up on top of the lake dam just to catch a peek!! :)

BARBIE said...

Thankful you are all safe. Amazing photos. I am not sure I would be brave enough to venture out and capture it!

Seizing My Day said...

Wow... huge blessing that the destruction was limited to things and not lives! weather is such a crazy element of life!