Saturday, April 28, 2012

This weekend...

It's beautiful outside here! Almost cool, but sunny and bright and crisp.
It makes me want to be super productive.
Yesterday The Man and I planted about 50 plants in the yard.
Today he's going golfing and I'll do some more planting.
(who have I become??)

This weekend will probably also include large amounts of iced tea and iced coffee being consumed.

Next week is "Simple Pleasures Week" here on the blog.
You'll see.

What are your weekend plans?


Suzanne @ Life Made Joyful said...

I am crafting and getting froyo with my youngest today. Church and relaxing tomorrow! Have a great weekend planting!!

Simply Created by Cole said...

Ohhh! Have fun with the plants! I'm sure it will look beautiful. Today is yard work day, watch some #inRL, and supper/games tonight. Tomorrow is church and a double work-out. Oi! Can't wait for the series.

Have a great day Beki!


JoAnn said...

yard work yesterday, church and some scrapbooking today. I've got a turkey in the oven and it smells delicious. Hooray for leftovers this week. (-:

nic said...

ah, i love me some crispness. we've been having tumultuous weather, that thundery icy stuff that makes me want to burrow neck-deep in quilts.

i'm ready for more warmth: bring on the iced drinks, i say!

jennifer said...

Ah, that's my kind of weekend. Super productive balanced with relaxation on the porch with an icy beverage :) Hope it was lovely!