Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Book.

Shortly after we moved here about two years ago, we were visiting with one of our neighbors.
(by the way, I love how country "neighbors" are like 1/2 mile away or more.)

She asked if we knew about The Book. The Book?
No, we knew nothing about a book.

She went home and got it, brought it back and told us the story.
Apparently years ago on our land, someone wrote and published a book.

Out Of The Cloud

It's based on a true story that happened here.
On a clear blue sunny day, a random little storm cloud came and hovered over this place.
And out of that single cloud, a bolt of lightning came down and struck a little girl.
She survived.

Here she is, on the left, with half of her face scarred.

The book is written in a novel form.
And in an effort to keep the history accurate, one of our sweet neighbors went through the book and figured out which character name applied to which real life person.

We are in the heartland of America, the Bible Belt.
And our area has very strong German and Mennonite influences.
Basically I'm saying, they're good people around here.

I'll be honest, I haven't read the book. Yet.
It's kind of a tough read, just as Tom Sawyer was back when I was in high school.
I've skimmed over a lot of it though and it's fascinating.
There are lots of old photos, which to me are even more fascinating.
I wish girls still wore bows like these.

This is the creek that runs through our land, and we can tell the exact spot where this photo was taken.
This is the creek that we fish in, that Lilo and Sully play in, that we see snakes and turtles and bullfrogs in.
We've never seen it frozen over enough to go out on it though.

I just love that we have this little piece of the past to look back on!


Dede said...

Looks like a real treasure. Happy someone took the time to recall the happenings of the area...

Leslie Veer said...

so cool! i love links to history like that.

Danielle said...

So cool!!! I'd be reading every little word in that book. I can't wait to hear about it.

Lisa @ Life is Crazy Beautiful said...

That IS a treasure, how neat!

Melinda said...

How cool to have a book written about the land you live on!

I enjoy looking at old photos of where e live to see what used to be where things are now.



Wolfelicious said...

The book is so cool! I love looking at old pictures.


Anonymous said...

this is so cool! I love family history like this. I`d love to hear more about this someday.