Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Colors of Summer (and winners!)

One thing I love so much about the warmer months is all the colors that come to life.

Golden sun setting behind lush green trees.

Teeny baby olive colored turtles we find.

Vivid blue sky with white puffy clouds, and yellow wheat.

Happy wild sunflowers that grow along the sides of our road.

John Deere green.

A muddy auburn basset hound lying in the freshly tilled soft brown dirt. (wait... I don't love that one as much.)

The winners of the recent giveaway are One Acre Homestead and Swifty Science. Congrats ladies! Please email to claim your prize.


Amy said...

More turtles.
Less snakes.
Thank you. :)

nancypantsgirl said...

I'm very jealous of your turtles.

so jeles said...

Those turtles are too cute! we're into frogs right now...our pond is teaming with them!!! but not so many snakes ;)

Shabby Sweet Tea said...

{sigh...} I just love that baby turtle...

Sara said...

that turtle is amazing...

Kristin said...

Love bassett hounds =)

And congrats to the winners!