Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Multiple personalities.

Way back in the days when I started blogging (in 2006!), you know, the dark ages, when most of us were still on dial up, there wasn't such a thing as "social media".
There were just message boards. Remember those? Ha.

Now there are more social media sites than I can count.

I'm on quite a few, it seems.
And on each one, I seem to have a slightly different personality.

On my personal Facebook page I'm goofy. Silly. I post lots of funny or snarky things.

On my business Facebook page, I'm more professional. I don't post much, but it's run by a few different people, not just me. So it makes me giggle when I see someone say something there like, "Thanks Beki!" and I know I didn't write whatever they're replying to.
But we do sales and giveaways there sometimes, have some fun and lighthearted conversations, and it's a good place to be. (join us!)

On my blog, I'm very real. Very me. And I probably don't need to give you the link because you're here reading this. (see how smart I am?? Genius, I tell ya. I'm highly gifted.)

On Pinterest - Oh how I love pinterest... I post things that I find pretty, lovely, funny, or inspiring.
If I were to create a magazine, it would look like my pinterest account.

On Twitter, I'm probably the most "me" of all. Very open (too much so, sometimes), chatty and interactive. I also do giveaways and discount codes there sometimes.

On Instagram, there's really not much chatting done by me. (no time!!) But I do post a photo or two a day, and this month I'm doing an entire #CountryLivingMonth series, where I post a photo a day that shows a glimpse of our rural, rustic, everyday life. (hello run-on sentence.) If you want to find me there, the name is @therustedchain.

The flowers here? Yeah, they have nothing to do with this.
The other day The Girl and I went out on a little date simply for the purpose of time together and to find flowers.
These were all cut from the side of the road within a mile or so of our house.
I'm so struck by their beauty and that they all coordinate so well. We didn't do that, God did.
That's all we found!
All the pinks and purples with green accents? Love.

Do you have a favorite social media site or do you use lots of them?


Sally @DrinkingFromMySaucer said...

As you well know, I use lots of social media sites too! And yes, I also find that I have different "personalities" (so to speak) on different sites! Are we weird? -- or is this a "normal" social phenomenon? I can't wait to read other people's comments here!

Ruth said...

"The other day The Girl and I went out on a little date simply for the purpose of time together and to find flowers" - sniff, you made me miss my mum! The Girl is lucky to have you close by.

And I am a very basic Facebook kinda girl, though still toying with the idea of another photo blog if I could only find the time and energy to do all the set-up! I like all your personalities :)

Beth K in CO said...

I have been following your blog for more than a year now, can not remember how I got there though. I am not a "social media" person. I am not on Facebook, do not do twitter, instagram, but I did try to get onto Pinterest, got the invite, but then realized I have to be on FB to join pinterest. That was a big disappointment for me, so I just look at other people's pinterest and get ideas from there. But... you are one of 3-4 blogs that I follow on a daily basis - so you are special!

Wendy said...

I don't have multiple personalities with my different accounts.

Yes we do.

No, we don't. You and the others can just shush.

Danielle said...

I love ALL of the Beki personalities!! Oh yeah, those flowers are beautiful.

Jaime said...

Pretty pretty flowers! :)

And I totally love all the Beki personalities! Wow...has it really been since 2006?! I think I've been following you the whole time almost! Amazing. :)

Laura said...

the dinner table.

I have all the interaction I truly need at my dinner table.

I know...I am a blogger...have been since 2008...I spent just shy of a year on facebook before slamming that time suck door shut...I opened a twitter account and never tweeted...

I do think Pinterest is beautiful and chock full of inspiration...I have spent a total of 20 min. there, realized it had the same effect as CRACK, and left fast...

I am not ANTI social media
I think to live in the world today you have to embrace it on some level.
I love my lap top, and yes, my new phone talks to me
But for me...personally...I noticed a great DECLINE in my REAL social life, the more my involvement in social media increased.

If I had a business I think I would use it more.
I think it has awesome advantages.

But I use it for personal purposes. And honestly?
I actually find social media very anti social...nobody makes eye contact or writes letters anymore...we all have our noses stuck in our phones.

But yes.
I still blog.
Not as much.
But I am absolutely very much "me" there...
and if I DID get on Pinterest, my children would starve to death.
I would need rehab for sure.

Shabby Sweet Tea said...

I am 3 months into blogging and the whole social media component is simply overwhelming to me! Don't even get me start on Twitter....

Shore Debris said...

I have the multiple personality thing going between my sites, too... And I'm not exactly sure how that happened.

On my LinkedIn account, I'm strictly business - straight-laced, no fun, professional woman (of course I set up that account when I was still looking for work as a civil engineer prior to me deciding to go full time into my jewelry business).

Like you, my blog is very me. I have many interests outside of my jewelry and they show up there.

My facebook business page is mostly business, but I tried making it a bit more personality oriented after taking a marketing class put on my Coach Jaynine. I still haven't figured out how to get the correct combination in there yet and it still looks pretty business-like.

I just don't have time for the rest of them... And I'm verbose (like you couldn't already tell), so Twitter doesn't have near enough character space per post for me!

I'm glad to see I'm not the only one with the multiple personalities.