Thursday, June 07, 2012

I'm a little bit country...

I show a lot of country photos here on the blog.
And they really are representative of my life.
We're surrounded by wheat fields, soybeans, barns, sunflowers, cows, sheep, dirt, mud, and random critters.

(have you ever seen a pheasant? So beautiful.)

But sometimes I'm reminded that I'm not really cut out for the whole country living thing.
Like when I hear a kitten screaming.
And find it in the jaws of a certain dog. A dog whom I won't name... but has long ears... looks and smells a lot like a basset hound... whose name starts with "L" and ends with "ilo".

I know it's her nature. It's her instinct.
She's not mean. She can't help chasing a fluffy critter that runs!
And she doesn't mean to kill things.
She just plays too rough.

And I know it's natural. It's the whole circle of life thing.
But it breaks my heart to see dead animals.
Not just this kitten, but all the other critters.
We see more than our share of icky things.
And it brings me to tears.

I'm so happy that The Man is a big "manly man" and can handle digging holes, burying things, shooting coyotes and skunks when necessary.
Because I can't.
I'd be a big blubbering bawling mess, thinking of the life lost.

I could have never been a pioneer.
I've lived a safe, sheltered, small town life, and even things like a kitty dying break my heart and wreck me for days.

I'm only a little bit country.
And kittens will be in heaven, right?
I hope so.


Lisa @ Life is Crazy Beautiful said...

I hear ya (and I don't even live in the country!) Right here in the burbs I shudder when hubby tells me he looked outside to see one of our dogs with a squealing "rat" (his terminology - likely large mouse) in his mouth, or that while mowing he found a dead snake, looked like the dogs had gnawed on it's head a little. I guess I'm not so much on the mercy for a mouse or snake's life but just the natural grossness of it all ;)

Wendy said...

My husband has to take care of things like that around here, too. Like when one of our 'chickens' started crowing. Yeah. It went to 'live in the forest' after that. *sigh* Husbands are a good thing to have around sometimes.

nancypantsgirl said...

That is so hard! And could have easily played out here. I regularly test the boundaries of nature by having my dog around cats, chickens and other small pets (my son had mice). I know that he's so driven by instinct that (with the exceptions of my own cats whom he respects/reveres/fears) were I not with him he might very well decide that these fellow pets are play things. No matter where you live it can be a really ugly world full of sadness... Kitties on the freeway get me in the throat every time. :^( I confess... ground squirrels have never quite gotten that reaction from me.

And yes, I've seen a pheasant in real life and it was amazing. Beautiful, beautiful creatures!

(((hugs)))) I'm sorry about the kitty.

Alisha said...

I understand exactly where you're coming from, but I think you would have made a fine pioneer woman. Coming straight from a true country girl, when you're raised watching the circle of life all around you from the minute you're born you become accustomed to the ways of life in the country. You know that it's the natural order of things and although it may be difficult to watch or witness you have a certain "numbness" to it. (For lack of a better word.) If you were a pioneer woman you would have been used to it. :-)

Unknown said...

I miss country living!! When I see your instagram photos I am reminded just how much I long for corn fields, barns, sunflowers, and bon fires! I moved to Florida from Illinois 6 years ago, and I am ready to get back to the midwest! (not sure if I will anytime soon though!)