Saturday, June 02, 2012

A Kansas Holiday.

It's wheat harvest time.
This year is quite early, but I don't think any farmers are complaining about that!
That will allow them to do a second crop this year, so it works out wonderfully.

And in Kansas, wheat harvest is practically a holiday.
There are combines and tractors and trucks and dust everywhere.
Everyone I've talked to lately about the wheat is just giddy.

We went out the other day and took some photos.

They make passes back and forth across the fields and cut the heads off the wheat.
This blade is huge.

You can see the farmer sitting up there.

Then they dump it all into the trucks.

The trucks take it to the mill or other processing plant and it gets turned into crackers and bread and other delightful carbohydrates.

This truck? I nearly hopped in and drove off into the sunset and kept it forever.
Red and turquoise and vintage? Yes please.

A big storm rolled in as we were taking photos.
Before it reached us, it was so pretty!

The wheat looks so pretty when it's turned golden, and it makes a beautiful rustling sound.
When the wind blows across the tops it waves like the ocean - as in "amber waves of grain".
I love it.


Non-Stop Mom said...

I love harvest time - and with the grain elevators here in town I get to see all of those old wheat trucks lined up, waiting their turn to get in and weigh and dump the loads of grain. Those old trucks are beautiful, aren't they?

Laura said...

this was fascinating.
I have been a city girl most of my life...and I know nothing about wheat, other than the fact that I love bread.
and "amber waves of grain"? had no idea.
so, thank you!
I will appreciate my bread and crackers so much more now :-)

Cole said...

You wouldn't believe how many times I have been called "amber waves of grain" growing up. Or sung to. But it is something beautiful you just can't ignore. God bless our land.

Anonymous said...

"amber waves of grain"??!? That makes way more sense than what I've been singing for the last 26 years!! I thought it was, "and her wig was gray" haha!!!

Amanda said...

Being a mid-west girl at heart, and my family is in Kansas - these photos brightened my day {and made me wish I was there}. Thank you for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Just looking at this made my nose & eyes start running & itching...allergies & asthma keep me away but the childhood memories are sweet. Thank you for posting your blog & I will Thank my brother in California for posting the link.
Beautiful story ~ thank you again!

joy said...

DRopping by from " Hertworks" Very nice pictures and post:)Blessings

jonahbonah said...

I stopped to take pictures of the wheat here in Kentucky the other day...not nearly as pretty as yours.