Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Milkshake Mondays, on Wednesday.

This summer we have a new routine in our family: Milkshake Mondays.

Sonic has 1/2 price milkshakes after 8:00pm.

So, the kids have a few requirements throughout the week that they have to fulfill.
Things like daily chores, reading, not fighting, & keeping up on math skills.
If they do those things, I will go out on Monday evening and get milkshakes for everyone!

So far, they've earned them every week.

At some point recently Sonic changed their sizes and pricing on the milkshakes.
And a few weeks back when I ordered 3 smalls and a large, the voice from the red button judgingly snipped back at me, "Ma'am are you SURE you want a large?? That's like 32 ounces of ice cream!"

I had a moment of being shocked and offended, but answered, "Oink! Yes, I'm sure. My husband and I are splitting it." (like I needed to defend myself to the red button?!)

The Boy was with me and laughed like crazy. "Mom, I think you surprised her with your answer!"
Well the red button shouldn't mess with me when I'm hormonal and just want a hot fudge malt.

The order this week went a bit more smoothly. The red button nicely said, "Ma'am did you know we've changed our sizes recently? A large is now 32 ounces."
*whew* No attitude from the red button this time.

So Milkshake Mondays are a huge hit around our household.

But wait... (there's more!)

Today, Sonic is celebrating Summer by offering 1/2 price milkshakes all day long!
It's today only, Wednesday.

So if you can, get yourself to a Sonic!
But be aware that sometimes the red button has an attitude.


jaquelyn {mama thoughts} said...

Mmmm, sounds amazing! If I were your kid, I'd definitely get stuff done to get a milkshake. ;)

Danielle said...

What a great idea, mom! Love your attitude with the red button :)

Katherine said...

Wishing our Sonic was closer....well maybe not because then I'd need to be on the treadmill while eating it like we talked about on Twitter last night! :)

so jeles said...

Bring on the 32 ounces is what i say!!! that's hilarious :)

Rustown Mom said...

I ate lunch there today and was sorely tempted to get a shake. Decided to stick to my coke Zero with vanilla. But, the day isn't over yet...

The Little Red Shop said...

Next time they show you attitude, tell 'em you're getting it to do a facial.

: )

Julie M.

Chad and Jody said...

Could this be considered Sonic's "trendy" way of being the opposite of a Super Size Me campaign? "Uhhh... do you KNOW how much ice cream that is???" Let's get America fit by being rude to them through the red button. No thanks- I'd rather have my LARGE milkshake!

Christina said...

We went! We also walked up one night before bedtime and got half-price shakes. The kids thought that was fun, too. This afternoon we drove, though! :) On the way home last time (it's about .7 miles) my son (age 9) said,"Eating and walking is not my thing." He cracks me up. :) I like the idea of a weekly tradition, and that they have to earn it!

Toni :O) said...

We got our half price shakes and they were soooo yummy!!!! I had hot fudge and caramel shake...delicious!!! :O)

The Chic Country Cowgirl said...

Ah, gotta love Sonic... Your response to the little punk was too funny! I love it.

carissa said...

shoot! too bad it's thursday. shame on me for not reading your blog yesterday. thanks for enjoying some for us!

Amanda said...

I was led to your blog thru pinterest for the graham cracker toffee. I'm going to make it right now! As soon as I saw your photos on your header, I knew you must be from Kansas. Me too! I live in Salina. I enjoyed reading your blog and now follow!

Rhys said...

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