Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Colorado, Part 2... and some rambling.

More photos from our recent trip to Colorado.
Most of these were taken by The Man.
I feel like a proud teacher!
I taught him everything about shooting in manual, about aperture, about shutter speed and ISO.

You are in this place in your life for a reason. You may not know what it is or understand it.
But this entire thing we call "life", it's a process. An ever changing stream.
You either go with the flow, or fight the current.
Those things you want to achieve? Those dreams you have tucked away? Those ideas you're afraid to share?
You're capable of them.

Use where you are to learn.
Your big dreams would have never been presented to you, if they weren't a possibility.
You second guess yourself and think, "Oh no... not me. That could never happen for me."
But guess what? You're not as fragile as you think.
You won't break.
You might bend and stretch and become uncomfortable.
But those will just make you stronger. More determined.

If something doesn't challenge you, it won't change you.

You may be uncomfortable where you are. But you're changing.
God changes caterpillars into butterflies and sand into pearls using time and pressure.
Be patient. He's still working on you.


Danielle said...

You are an inspiration!!! (change is REALLY hard; can you keep up with the cheerleading?!)

Toni :O) said...

I needed this today, thank you. Contemplating a job change and praying about where I'm supposed to be and what I should be doing. Hopefully God will be able to tug on my heart and lead me in the right direction. Gorgeous photos-he did good!

Kristin said...

These pics are absolutely beautiful! I love the scenery and rocks. Just makes me realize that other than beaches, Florida doesn't have much but flatlands =/ I need to get out more and explore the US, for sure! Now just to convince my hubs that, lol

Jennifer said...

great pictures - maybe you could teach my husband a few things. we still need to have another class - maybe we could take pictures around your place for practice.

Deb@Journey Thru ICE Syndrome said...

Thanks for the gentle reminder that we are in the place we are now for a reason. My place now is challenging me but it is also strengthening me! What a reward! Loved this post!