Thursday, July 26, 2012

Here's the deal: It doesn't go away.

A while back I was talking to a friend and she mentioned a situation that had led to some new opportunities.
Our conversation was ultimately about the new opportunities.
But over the next several days, my mind kept going back to this "situation".
She didn't go into detail, and didn't need to, but I could tell that this "situation" was not a very comfortable or pleasant one.

And I kept thinking, "How can this be? Her?? Someone at the top of her game? Surrounded by those people who are the best in the industry??"
How do break ups, misunderstandings, disagreements, and bruised toes happen to people who are the best of the best?
People who are Christians?
Aren't they all just full of love for each other? 

That one little blip she dropped in the conversation to explain the new opportunity, that one statement was life changing for me. Seriously.

It suddenly dawned on me that no matter the books you've written, no matter the conferences or concerts, no matter the tv appearances, no matter the thousands of adoring fans and autographs signed, no matter the level of expertise in leading prayers or public speaking, no matter the awards won, no matter any of it... we're all still human, and we all still deal with the same issues.

For years I've felt like it was just ME that people were mean to or got hurt feelings because I'm too soft or too tender, and if I could just reach a certain level of success, I'd finally outrun it.

So here's the deal: It doesn't go away.
Because we're still flawed humans, no matter the level of worldly success we achieve.
Even Christians.
Even those who've achieved wild success, awards, acclaims, and accolades.

Those of you who are older, or simply wiser, than me might be thinking "yeah? This is new? I've always known this."
But I didn't.

Of course I'd never wish drama or hurt feelings on anyone.
But knowing that these things happen even among "highly successful" people was unbelievably comforting to me.
It showed me that we're all on the same path. Trying our best.
And for as many times as I've had someone push me down or step on my toes, I'm sure I've done the same to someone else.
Because... we're just humans.

It has made me more forgiving. More tolerant.
More willing to shrug my shoulders when someone hurts me.
Even if it's another Christian.


merlin said...

Not only are we all human, all vulnerable, but the more "successful" you are, the more public your life, the less privacy you have for your pain. It is refreshing to read your words, to witness your understanding, and hopefully through your sharing, others' eyes and souls will be opened and more tender too. The world needs more of this tenderness.

Unknown said...

So true. Thank you for sharing this, it hits home for me right now too.

.....Elizabeth..... Polka Dot Skies said...

Wonderful post!

Christine said...

The only one who will not let us down or hurt us is the Lord. Humans, Christian or not, loved one or not, will continually hurt us. But Jesus has been where we are and is waiting to be our comfort.

Kelli Shoe said...

And just think, that little amount of mercy you show to someone who has hurt you - it is absolutely nothing compared to the mercy we are given.

Thanks for the sweet reminder. Stay cool in Kansas.

Ingrid said...

It is summed up in one word: GRACE. We need it but more importanty, we need to give it. Give it when we feel hurt, have been wronged, are unforgiven and just hope that it will be given in return but know that it might not be and if it isn't, we need offer it anyway.

I'm 40 and feeling like I am just now becoming a real grown up and figure many things out. One thing I have figured out is that I still have a lot to learn! I'm growing with you!

Ingrid said...

AND I've learned that when someone mistreats me, it probably isn't my fault, it's theirs. I struggled for years wondering what I did wrong and blaming myself. Now I lovingly shrug people off (offer grace) and strive to be loving and kind to everyone realizing that it is my issue, if I am not.

Melinda said...

Yes, we are all humans and we do make mistakes. Some are harder to deal with than others but these can used as a learning experience.
I think the majority of us try very hard to go down "the right path" but that path can and will have bumps in them, we just have to ride the bump out.

M :)

Deidra said...

So true! Thank you for this - I needed it much today.

Elaine Entz said...

It's easy for me to love the loveables in my life. For some reason, God has put people in my life who hurt and tear down and criticize. To keep me humble? So I can seek Him? And show His grace and mercy? As He has overwhelmingly shown me... Thanks for sharing your journey.

HeARTworks said...

I think the more successful we are, the more the enemy will target you and find chinks in the armor! Patsy from
HeARTworks and

Anonymous said...

Love your blog!
Mrs. B.

Unknown said...

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Kristen said...

Yes... yes we are. Very well said!