Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Sunny sunny country summer...

I think one of the most important things in life is forcing yourself to slow down and absorb small details.
We're all busy, so it takes a conscious effort.

Life is so much more beautiful if you take time to notice the little things.
I absolutely love the way my sunflowers are unfolding.
And I love that I happened to have my camera in hand the other night as the sun was setting behind them.

Several years ago I took a photo of summer relaxation that included my Country Living Magazine.
Then the next summer I did it again.
Then Country Living Magazine noticed and created a contest for their readers, based on that idea. (click here to see.)

I didn't intend for it to become a "thing" but now it has for me.
So, in keeping with tradition, this is my summer Country Living photo.
Home grown veggies, home grown flowers, a jar of sweet iced tea (trust me, it's sweet... even if you can't see it), and my favorite magazine, all on the porch on a summer evening.

If you had 2 hours of free time on a beautiful summer evening, how would you spend it?


Sole Searching Mama said...

Your photos are beautiful ~ I LOVE Kansas!! My perfect summer evening would be playing catch with my boys outside, sipping on something cold and then piling up in the hammock under the stars to read stories by flashlight.

Blue Eyed Night Owl said...

Looks wonderful! And your iced tea looks very tasty:D


Unknown said...

Your sunflowers are so beautiful! If I had two hours of free time I would grab a glass of lemonade and paint outside :)

Rachel said...

I would sit on our patio with my husband, drinking sweet tea and watching our cats explore the backyard. We'd just talk and relax. I love slow moments like that! :)

Jennifer said...

Love the sunflower pictures! Sweet tea - the ONLY way to drink it. How would I spend my time? Sitting on the porch swing with some sweet tea or glass of wine with my hubby - no kids - no phones - no interruptions.

Melinda said...

I would sit on the deck--watch and listen to the oudoors.
Lovely sunflowers!


Anonymous said...

Lovely photos of your beautiful flowers!
If I had a few hours in the evening and it wasn't killer hot, I would take a ride with my sweet husband, windows down. We would drive out to the river he loves and watch the sun set. We would sip on cold drinks with ice while we watched, and then go back into town for the best frozen yogurt in town. I would buy him strawberry topping. He loves that!