Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Rusted Chain, celebs & new designs

We've been really honored lately to have our jewelry on some incredible ladies.

Olympian Lolo Jones is sporting the Team USA necklace. We love that she's an outspoken Christian and a little spitfire!
I cannot wait to cheer her on in London very soon! Run Lolo Run!!

Miranda Lambert is loving the Gritty and Pretty bracelet.
It is just so her!
I love Miranda's originality, spunk, and fearlessness. (hmmm, she came on the radio right as I was typing this. Groovy. I think it's a sign that she should be my new BFF...)

We have a few new designs too -

Gypsy Soul (I love the collection of beads on this one!)

True Love Waits hidden message bracelet ... So sweet! This is perfect for young ladies of any age, and fits all sizes, which is so nice!
It's a wonderful subtle reminder to stay true to your beliefs.



Pure Love necklace - This cross with the heart in the middle was made just for The Rusted Chain. And I love it so much!!

Okay, confession: I'm kind of over summer.
Ugh! I hate that I even say that! I was so looking forward to Summer and all it brings!
I forgot that it also brings 106 degree temperatures on a regular basis.
I'm a hot sweaty mess.
And I'm very ready for cooler temps!


nancypantsgirl said...

So, come to SF and it will be way cooler! ;) Plus, avocados grow here. 'nuff said.

Alysa said...

I think i need the gypsy a traveling baseball family, we feel a lot like gypsies!

jen christians said...

LoVE LOVE LOVE the new true love waits bracelet!

Amy said...

Love these new designs!

Ingrid said...

I'm not ready for school to start but I am longing for fall with all the colors and cooler weather. Looking forward to wearing a sweatshirt and jeans :-)

Chad and Jody said...

How do we figure out how to bring on Fall weather and still have more summer left? Love the new designs.

BARBIE said...

Beautiful new designs!

Jennifer said...

great new designs - love the simplicity of it all! To the point.

Unknown said...

i'm loving the gypsy soul charm! My favorite song right now is colder weather by ZBB!