Monday, September 10, 2012

I'm outdoorsy...

I'm outdoorsy in that I see a lot of frogs and toads in our yard.
I just take pictures though.
I've never actually touched one.
Unless you count the Toadsplat episode, but that's not a fond memory for any of us...

I'm outdoorsy in that ladybugs are about the only bugs I don't squeal about.

I'm outdoorsy in that I grow pumpkins and gourds.
If you follow me on Facebook, instagram (@therustedchain), or twitter, you've seen one already today that I'm proud of.

I'm outdoorsy in that I'll accept a bouquet of perfectly mismatched flowers from our yard any day!

I'm outdoorsy in that we play sand volleyball.
And by "we", of course I mean everyone else. I generally stay on the sidelines with my camera.

I'm outdoorsy in that I frequently watch the sun rise while having my coffee.
Through the window in my office...

What about you?
Are you the outdoorsy type?


Unknown said...

Your Toadslapt aint got nothin' on my toadsplat....two words 'lawn mower'....yeah. Lol

I'm the same outdoorsy as you. I freaked out the other day when I was bringing in laundry and there was a cicada on a shirt! What of I had Hung it up in the closet with it on there and then put it on!

Leslie Veer said...

I'm outdoorsy--if the temp is between 70 and 80, and it's not humid, and the wind is less than 5 mph, and there are no bugs, and the pollen count is very low...

Blue Eyed Night Owl said...

Very nice post!

I'm outdoorsy in that I enjoy watching trees, plants and animals. And that I love to walk outside and clear my mind. I'm not really the adventurous type, but I do consider myself to be a nature-person still.

I agree with LeslieVeer though, wind and cold/heat can put me off quite easily too.

Sally @DrinkingFromMySaucer said...

Wow, this post was like real life for me. We would get along FAMOUSLY, I tell ya! =)

Christina said...

Ha! I'm outdoorsy like you! On the sidelines, taking pictures! :) Watching the sky from the inside of the house. teehee