Friday, September 28, 2012

Just a moment...

Sometimes people will say to me something to the effect of "You're so brave!"

And here's the truth. I'm really not.
I'm not brave at all. I don't think I am, anyway.
I have moments of bravery. Insane bravery.
Moments when I think I can conquer the world.
Moments when I feel strong and can contact any magazine editor, tv producer, celebrity, create any wild new design, come up with a hair brained idea and believe I can make it happen.

But most of the time I live in a state of unsureness (pretty sure I made up that word).
I am self conscious.
Wondering what people say about me, my voice, my chins, my stringy hair, my style, my breath, my dirty car, my armpits, my laugh, my non-designer purse.
I struggle to push away those thoughts, knowing that they don't matter.
Do I really want to care what someone thinks of me?
Do I really want to care about someone thinking my hair might be too stringy or that I have more chins than they expected?
Those thoughts creep in way too often.
None of those things matter. What matters is what God thinks of me.
Will He say "Well done?" That's what I want to think about.

I have to make a conscious effort to push away the unsure, inching my way back toward a moment of bravery.
I do want to be brave.
I want to know that God is giving me those little moments of bravery.
A moment can slip away if we're not careful.
But if we're aware and searching for them, the moments happen more often than we expect.

And that's all it takes. A moment.
Bravery is risky. You could jump and soar, or you could fall flat.
Bravery takes trust.
Trust that even if you fall flat, you'll be picked up, brushed off, and told you are still loved.

A moment of bravery can do something start something much greater than you can imagine.
A moment can change a life.
A moment can create a smile.
A moment can inspire someone.
A moment can change the world.
Every thunderstorm starts with a little drop of rain. A moment.
A fire starts with a little flame. A moment.

All it takes is a moment.

3 comments: said...

I loved your post. It's something I needed to hear.

Sarah M. said...

Beautiful words! Love this.

Sarah M. said...

Beautiful words! Love this.