Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Just pretending.

Don't mind me...
I'm just over here pretending there are crunchy leaves on the ground.
Yellow drifting off the trees.
Chill in the air.
Pretending I'm in boots and a scarf, rather than shorts and a tank top.
Pretending it feels like Fall, instead of still pushing 100 degrees.
Pretending I'm baking or making homemade applesauce from the apples my friend picked for me, rather than dreading heating up the kitchen.
Pretending I'm holding a hot mug of cider, not a frosty glass of sweet tea.

Just pretending...
(Does it feel like Fall for you yet?)


Stephanie said...

Ha! My blog post today was all about Fall too! Wondering if it's too early to start the fall decorating?

Sarah M. said...

I'm pretending that it's still July and summer isn't almost over. That I won't turn 30 in a few weeks, and it won't be getting cold soon. Oh, summer, be mine forever.

Sarah M. said...
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Becki said...

I was pretending that it was fall today too. I pulled out some of my fall clothes (wishful thinking)! If only we could get rid of these 100+ temperatures.

Elaine Entz said...

Nice apples. Jonathans? Love the contrast with the lime green basket. Using the color wheel, eh?

Pretending is good for the soul. Aren't we all supposed to stay childlike?

Believe... Fall is coming!

Debby said...

I'm not pretending just wishing. It will be here soon. Cooler temps expeted later this week. Sick of the heat and I know we don't have it near as bad as others.
Love all the things that come with fall like your apples.

MaryBeth said...

Here in SW Pennsylvania, the sky says fall, the trees are starting to say fall, but the temps are saying summer. I want fall and I want it now!!

merlin said...

It's Friday, I came looking for your Fingerprint Friday post. I love that weekly feature on your blog, whatever you post I use to reflect upon the week that was and as inspiration for the weekend to come. Hoping I'm just early and that you're keeping up this weekly post.

Christina said...

I am in looove with the fourth pic from the bottom...so pretty!!
It's still warm here! Dallas is about to get a cool front, though. Yesterday it was 106 and tomorrow it's supposed to be 80-something. Crazy!
Fall will be here soon!