Friday, October 19, 2012

Fingerprint Friday - The end.

It's time.

I have this condition that many people call being "stubborn".
I call it a "fierce determination". Whatever.
I hate giving up.

The fact is, I'm just busy. I pride myself on living a simple life, even mention it in my bio.
But at this stage of life, I have too much to do. I'm pulled in too many directions and have to realize that it's time to cut things.
If I'm doing everything, none of it is being done well.

Yes, this is just a little blog post on Friday mornings.
But there are times that little blog post takes over an hour to compile.
That's an hour I really can't spare anymore.
And it's just time for me to let it go.

So thank you to everyone who's joined in Fingerprint Friday since 2007!
I've enjoyed getting to know you, seeing your interpretations of God's fingerprints.

Thank you.


rentz said...

I hadn't done a fingerprint friday post in a long time and I was just getting one ready. :( But I completely understand.

Thank you for helping us see God in the fingerprints of life. You've been a blessing. And will continue to be one...

Love you, sweet friend!

elizabeth said...

Thank you for being a wonderful hostess all this time!

HeARTworks said...

Hi Becki, that's why I've never attempted a linky list! I know how hard it can be! But thanks for the party :^) I quite enjoyed it. Although sometimes I would wonder if I was dressed correctly! Patsy from

Sara said...

I was all in awhile back.
But the great thing about fingerprint Fridays is this...
We can still witness the fingerprints, even if we don't post them ;)
And you brought that to me.

Unknown said...

this saddens my heart but totally understand. I would be willing to try to keep it going for you if you would like? I Have done some hops, but do not remember which tool I used ;(

many blessing dear friend
do you mind if I continue to do the Fingerprint Friday as my own post?

Diane said...

Ah sadness. But totally understand as I often didn't get my post put together. It's been a blessing getting to know you though. And ordering your jewelry. Thanks for reminding us to look a bit deeper into life around us. I will still be visiting your blog anyway. :)