Monday, October 15, 2012

Rainbows and pumpkins

It has been absolutely beautiful around here lately.

The other night we got some much needed rain.
Followed by a much loved rainbow.

Yesterday the weather was perfect so we headed over to the pumpkin patch.
I've mentioned that we grew our own pumpkins this year. So that wasn't really why we were going.
It was more to have fun and support another local business!
(Locals, if you haven't gone yet, Papa's is awesome. It's free to get in and everything for purchase is very reasonably priced. Plus they're good people. They're open weekends through the end of October.)

Kansas is flat. Really really flat.


It was such a nice weekend with our family.
Church. Work around the house. Homework. Pumpkin patch. Rest.

Now we're diving into Monday fully refreshed which is good because we have a huge workload this week!

**Do you go to a pumpkin patch each year?**


Anonymous said...

We discovered Papa's the first year they were open and have gone back every year since....we love it!
Mrs. B.

Sara said...

The Baby is looking more and more like The Boy.


Peggy said...

I live in Ontario, Canada and we go to a place called Drysdale's Farm. They take you for a ride on a wagon train around the farm , through the hay maze and at the end you arrive at the pumpkin patch. Everyone really enjoys it.

Melinda said...

Oh yes, LOVE IT!

M :)

Papa's Pumpkin Patch said...

Thanks for the good words about Papa's Pumpkin Patch. And your pictures are awesome. Thanks for your support.